Undestanding Q-Switched Laser Treatment

A Q-Switched laser is a type of laser that uses laser energy to get rid of unwanted brown spots, tattoos, or sun freckles from your skin. The laser has been designed to target different types of pigments on your skin for effective results. To find out if Q-Switched laser is right for you, contact the professionals at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville in Jacksonville Beach.
How Q-Switched Laser Works
A Q-Switched laser works by emitting high energy lights on affected areas. This helps reduce unwanted skin cells and allow your skin to start generating new cells to replace the ones that have been removed. When the Q-Switched is turned on, the laser produces two different wavelengths in which one is used for targeting and addressing any skin lesions.
One advantage of using this laser is that it can penetrate deeply into the skin without injuring the top layer. The laser also helps in the production of vital proteins and collagen which are essential for healthy and youthful skin. The treatment is fast and efficient. Moreover, a Q-Switched laser lightens your skin tone which improves your complexion and results in smoother and fairer skin.
What to Expect during a Treatment
When you visit Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville, the doctor will do a detailed assessment of your skin condition to make sure Q-Switched laser treatment is the best option for your situation. During treatment, the doctor will use a local anesthetic or topical cream to numb the area under treatment in order to reduce further discomfort. The doctor will then guide the laser across the affected area after providing you with protective eyewear. The laser will deliver bursts of energy that will help breakdown your unwanted tattoo.
Before and after Treatment
Before treatment, it’s important to tell the doctor about your previous medical history, especially one that relates to your skin condition. For instance, if you want to be treated on the face and you always suffer from cold sores on herpes simplex, this treatment might not be right for you. This is because laser energy is likely to activate the herpes simplex virus. After treatment, you will experience crusts on the treated areas for a few days. However, you can easily treat this using petroleum jelly or Vaseline while keeping them covered until they are healed.
Speak with the professionals at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville in Jacksonville Beach, FL to learn more about this treatment. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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