Sensitive Skin

Is your skin less than cooperative? Sensitive skin plagues countless individuals in Jacksonville Beach, FL, preventing them from realizing their full dermal potential. Our Jacksonville sensitive skin clinic wants you to experience as many great skin days as possible, and we’ve found a skin care line that makes that a possibility. Dr. Lezaic and our team offer Obagi products to soothe your sensitive skin – no matter its cause. If you’ve never been able to find a skin care solution that tames your flare ups, Obagi could hold your solution.

Do I Have Sensitive Skin?

Labeling skin as “sensitive” is acknowledging that it has special needs. In reality, most of us have skin that could be classified as sensitive – we all have unique needs, and our personal skin care varies accordingly. Whether your skin is incredibly difficult or just a bit more troublesome than you’d like, we can help you get it under control. If you suffer from chronic acne, signs of sun damage, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, or other ongoing blemishes, Dr. Lezaic and the Obagi line will help find care that makes a difference.

Jacksonville Sensitive Skin Care

Those with sensitive skin are well aware that products don’t always deliver on their promises. How can you successfully treat skin problems when every cream you try leads to further breakouts? We combat this with personalized solutions backed by Dr. Lezaic’s medical expertise. She will determine your skin’s unique needs through an examination. We will then find the appropriate Obagi skin care products to replenish and revitalize your skin – without setting off a negative reaction.

Remember, there are steps you can take that will be especially good for your sensitive skin. The top tip is to avoid self-medicating. When your skin is delicate and prone to irritation, it’s likely that experimenting with different products is only going to cause further damage. Professional care cuts out the guesswork, leading to healthier, happier skin and a gorgeous complexion. If you’re ready to take a big step toward beautiful skin, get in touch.

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