How much time do you spend thinking about your underarms? Whether you’re constantly checking for odor and sweat stains, or letting them go unnoticed, those around you aren’t treating them the same way.

Body odor and sweating have significant impacts on your professional performance, social life, and general happiness. You’re not comfortable when you’re sweating. Heavy perspiration leaves you anxious, embarrassed, and constantly monitoring your clothing for stains or circles.

miraDry Before and After Underarm Results. Take a Look. Clean, confident, carefree, forever.

Skin Solutions Jacksonville offers revolutionary armpit sweat and odor reduction plus hair removal with miraDry. miraDry is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that significantly reduces underarm sweat with immediate, lasting results. The procedure is performed in our clinic, without any form of incision or cut being made in the skin and uses thermal energy to target and eliminate sweat and odor glands. Patients are typically able to return to their daily activities immediately. How does Miradry before and after underarm results looks like? See image below.

If you have hyperhidrosis in the underarms, go get MiraDry. That’s all there is too it. Nothing else in the world works like it does. After ONE treatment my axillary sweating was down 60-70%! I feel like I don’t even need deodorant but I wear it anyways because I’m used to it. Thank you! -Kyle

Facts on Sweat and Odor Treatment in Jacksonville

What amount of sweating makes you a treatment candidate? Anything that feels excessive or uncomfortable, whether it’s a lot of sweat, or a little.

While sweating is a natural process, it can control our daily lives. Your sweat glands may be active at inopportune moments, and remain active without reason. You experience rising anxiety that you might be showing dark spots or sweat stains. You can be sweaty at work, or in social settings. You modify your wardrobe to avoid white clothing, and hold back in groups. The sweat can also be accompanied by strong odors that make you feel self-conscious about whether others notice.

That’s why miraDry comes as such a relief to our patients.


You may have heard of a similar-sounding treatment under the name miraSmooth®. In fact, this and miraDry are one and the same. The benefits possible with this sweating treatment extend past perspiration and odor – patients have also seen a lasting, impressive reduction in their underarm hair. This occurs because the heating of the sweat glands also affects the hair follicles, reducing underarm hair growth.

We’re hard-pressed to name another treatment with such comprehensive benefits – and patients are taking notice of just how special miraDry/miraSmooth are.

What Sets miraDry Apart?

  • Lasting results after just 2 sessions (unlike other non-surgical sweating treatments)
  • Odor control
  • Underarm hair reduction
  • Little to downtime
  • Non-invasive
  • FDA-cleared
  • Fast (treatment takes just one hour, with two sessions total)
  • Comfortable

The miraDry Procedure 

See The miraDry Underarm Results

  1. An initial consultation will allow Dr. Lezaic to determine that miraDry is an appropriate solution for your sweating
  2. You’ll shave your underarms 4-6 days before treatment
  3. Typically, two procedures are recommended, spaced 3 months apart
  4. During your first procedure, the treatment area will be marked
  5. We will administer local anesthesia to numb the treatment area
  6. Guided by Dr. Lezaic, the miraDry device will deliver controlled electromagnetic energy to the sweat glands
  7. The energy heats the sweat glands, destroying them without harming the surrounding skin
  8. With the skin numb from the anesthesia, patients feel little to no pain. Most rate the procedure a 2 on a 1-10 scale of discomfort. They mainly feel suction from the miraDry handpiece.
  9. The entire procedure lasts about one hour
  10. There is little to no downtime immediately after the treatment session
  11. After treatment, the sweat and odor glands do not regenerate, leading to a long-term reduction in underarm sweat
  12. Most patients see an 82% reduction in their sweat – making an incredible difference to their lives

Skin Solutions Jacksonville is the only clinic in the Northeastern Florida and Southern Georgia areas to offer this non-invasive, non-surgical sweat treatment. If you hate your sweating, we recommend starting a conversation about miraDry. To learn more how miraDry works, get in touch with Skin Solutions, Jacksonville today. Spend next year – and the rest of your life – without the burden of excessive sweat.

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