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Dr. Jill Lezaic has been in the laser, aesthetic & cosmetic field for fourteen years.  She is a luminary physician and frequent speaker for various laser companies, a preceptor site, a trainer for AAFE, and a practicing physician.

Those who train with Dr. Lezaic often comment that her training is the total package of hands-on training of laser and aesthetics along with marketing and staff instruction.

There are other companies that offer trainings, but with LLA you get experience, expertise and a long-term commitment to your continued success as you grow your practice.  We are happy to accommodate any and all trainings that your practice may require.  Call us to discuss your needs and we can customize a training package that is right for you!

About Lezaic Laser Academy

The field of aesthetic medicine is growing rapidly. Many private practices, medical spas and day spas are incorporating aesthetic procedures into their daily operations. These procedures create an opportunity to offer sought after services to patients while adding a new and profitable revenue stream. Getting started is easier than you think.

The LLA Comprehensive Preceptorship will teach you how to:

  • Select and use lasers and other cosmetic equipment
  • Perform effective and thorough patient consultations
  • Execute procedures efficiently and effectively
  • Maximize patient results by combining certain procedures
  • Integrate aesthetic medicine seamlessly into current operations

This preceptorship encompasses everything necessary for a successful aesthetics practice. It includes the ability to shadow and observe Dr. Lezaic in practice, through which participants will receive valuable insight into patients’ desires and expectations (perhaps the most important component of a successful practice). Participants also get real-world, real-time training on equipment and procedural tactics. Additionally, participants receive a CD containing ready-to-use documentation including patient information packages, pre & post care paperwork and comprehensive consents. This is the same up-to-date, clear and concise paperwork that Dr. Lezaic uses for her own successful practice, so you’ll be ready to go on day one!

Lezaic Laser Academy provides the most comprehensive training available in the aesthetics industry. Founder of Lezaic Laser Academy, Dr. Jill Lezaic, has fourteen years of experience and is considered an expert in the field. Dr. Lezaic has a thriving practice and a demanding schedule of lectures and seminars designed to teach new entrants into the field of aesthetic medicine. As successful as the seminars have been, Dr. Lezaic realizes that the best teaching method, and the method that allows practices the fastest, most thorough track to success, must include hands-on training and practical experience. This is what separates Lezaic Laser Academy Preceptorship from other programs.

Typically, the LLA Preceptorship is a two-day session at the offices of Dr. Lezaic (since all resources, including patients, are readily available). She specializes in Laser Skin Resurfacing, Laser Vein Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Tattoo Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Body sculpting, Hyperhidrosis, and Onychomicosis. We will be happy to accommodate flexible scheduling and/or on-site training at your request. Please feel free to call Lezaic Laser Academy (904-364-5585) or email (LoveYourSkin@lssjacksonville.com) Please ask for Anita for additional information or to schedule your comprehensive preceptorship.

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