Five Frequently Asked Questions about PicoSure

Are you looking to restore your youthful appearance? PicoSure is an excellent alternative to many surgical procedures. It brings vitality back to your face by enhancing your hormonal pigmentation. This is why it’s among the most common laser treatments offered at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville.
What Is It?
If you regularly go for medical aesthetic treatments, you might have heard about the PicoSure treatment. This new generation laser treatment is the first and only aesthetic treatment that offers effective as well as safe removal of tattoos. This is because it doesn’t depend solely on heat for effective results.
What Does It Do?
PicoSure treatment can be used for many reasons. However, most doctors use it for tattoo removal, pigmented lesion removal, wrinkle removal, and acne scar removal. The treatment uses light technology to deliver extremely short and picosecond bursts to help in the breakdown of skin pigmentation.
How Does PicoSure Compare to Traditional Tattoo Removal Techniques?
Unlike traditional tattoo removal techniques, PicoSure uses the latest technology to eliminate brown spots and ink colors from your skin using ultrashort picosecond pulse energy. The pulse energy creates a pressure wave or photomechanical effect that specifically targets brown and ink spots on the skin and avoids unmarked tissues.
How Often Will I Need Treatments?
Usually, it takes the body approximately six weeks to start breaking down ink and brown spots. Although the tattoo may seem healed after a few days, it will need some time to recover completely.
How Many Treatments Will I Require for Tattoo Removal?
The number of treatments needed for tattoo removal varies from one patient to another. This is because the number of PicoSure treatments a patient needs depends on factors such as the type of ink used, the size of your tattoo, its location on your body, your lifestyle habits, and the type of laser used. You need to consult a practitioner who will examine your tattoo before recommending the number of treatments you may need for the best results.
Do I Have to Avoid Sun Exposure after the Treatment?
Usually, the sun exposes our skin to harmful radiation. To protect your skin from this radiation, your body normally produces more melanin; which causes the skin to tan. Since the PicoSure treatment focuses on melanin to remove skin pigment, a tan will interfere with your treatment.
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