Six Signs You Have Sensitive Skin

Sufferers of sensitive skin know how much of a pain it can be to deal with (literally). Do you suspect your skin is more sensitive than normal but struggle to keep it calm and under control? At Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville, conveniently located in Jacksonville Beach, our expert dermatologists at our sensitive skin clinic will work with you to find the soothing solution you’ve been waiting for. Here are six symptoms of skin sensitivity that suggest you should schedule a consultation with us today:
1. Your Skin Reacts Easily
If your skin stings or gets itchy or irritated when exposed to everyday skincare products, detergents, fragrances, soaps, and household goods, it might be more sensitive than average. Cold weather, sun exposure, and wind might also trigger a reaction.
2. You Get Rashes
Sensitive skin is more likely to react to an irritation by developing a rash, which might include bumps, pustules, flakiness, or redness. Not only are rash flare-ups caused by over-sensitivity both a nuisance and discomfort, they can also be unsightly.
3. You Have Dry Skin
Very dry or cracked skin, especially as the result of exposure to colder temperatures, is a lesser known symptom of skin sensitivity.
4. You’re “Blushing”
Believe it or not, a blushed or flushed appearance, along with redness in general, could all be indications of sensitive skin.
5. You Are Prone to Acne
You might have sensitive skin if you still break out in pimples beyond your teenage years. You might also find that traditional acne treatments tend to aggravate your breakouts rather than clear them up completely.
6. You Get Sunburned Easily
If your skin is sensitive, it will react strongly to the damaging effects of the sun and burn easily. If you suspect your skin is sensitive, you should always wear sun protection to prevent further, irreversible damage.
You deserve more “good skin days” in your life, and Dr. Lezaic and his team of experts at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville sensitive skin clinic are here to help make that happen for you. Backed by years of medical expertise, we will be more than happy to work with you to fine-tune a personalized treatment plan using the Obagi skin care line or other methods of treatment. It is our goal to help you solve your skin troubles once and for all, no matter their cause. Contact the sensitive skin experts at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville in Jacksonville Beach, FL to book your initial consultation today!

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