Three Questions You Need to Ask About Laser Genesis

When it comes to laser skin care treatment, Laser Genesis is one of the most popular options due to its powerful surface and skin-deep treatment. Is your skin lacking its youthful glow? Is it sagging and losing its elasticity too early for your age? Are you uncomfortable in your skin as a result of acne scars or pores? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then maybe it is time to hop onto the laser skin care bandwagon for in-depth skin rejuvenation. If you have been looking for a non-invasive cosmetic procedure for the above issues, then consult our experienced professionals at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville!

Laser Genesis is a laser technology that uses near-infrared irradiation to stimulate the inner skin layers and improve skin’s overall appearance and feel. Below are three important questions about this treatment you should know the answers to before your laser skin care appointment.

Is the Treatment Safe?

Laser Genesis uses a YAG laser with a 1064-nm wavelength. The low energy makes it a safe option for all skin types and even darker skin tones. As much as the laser treatment utilizes heat to stimulate skin layers, the experience is usually a comfortable one for the patient as all they feel throughout the procedure is warmth.

As an entirely non-invasive treatment with only a handheld device used, Laser Genesis is considered the safest deep skin rejuvenation treatment.

How Can it Help Me? 

Elastin and collagen are proteins found beneath the skin surface. Elastin restores the skin elasticity while collagen works on maintaining skin firmness. Laser Genesis encourages the production of these proteins to restore youthful skin. If your skin appears dull or dry with uneven skin tone, scarring or wrinkling, then this treatment is a viable option for you.

Is it a Lengthy Process?

Laser Genesis is a simple process that takes minutes, then you are back to your daily routine. After your initial laser skin care consultation with your specialist, the rest is merely a walk-in-and-out. After cleaning your skin and securing you into protective goggles, your specialist commences your treatment right away.

Laser Genesis is not only a safe procedure, but it is also a highly recommended option to help you recover your glow. For more information about Laser Genesis or any of our laser skin care procedures, schedule your appointment today with Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville. We are conveniently located in Jacksonville Beach, FL.

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