Three Myths About Laser Tattoo Removal Busted

If you have a tattoo you are unhappy with, laser tattoo removal is the best way to remove it permanently. Laser tattoo removal is very efficient, but many people avoid it because they’ve heard lots of contradictory information about it or aren’t sure how it is going to work. Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville offers professional tattoo removal in Jacksonville Beach, Florida by trained professionals. In this article, we’ll debunk three of the biggest myths about laser tattoo removal.
Myth #1: Laser Tattoo Removal Is Very Painful
While it’s true that traditional laser tattoo removal was very painful, the technologies used to remove tattoos now are designed to be much more comfortable for patients. There are multiple types of lasers used to remove tattoos, depending on the colors used in your tattoo. These lasers use pulses or dual wavelengths to break up the pigment in the tattoo, which is much more comfortable than applying a laser directly to the skin.
Myth #2: Laser Tattoo Removal Doesn’t Completely Remove the Tattoo
Again, this may have been the case when lasers were first used for tattoo removal, but technology has come a long way since then. You’ll find that after your treatment sessions have been completed, the tattoo will be completely removed, and your skin will be fresh again. The number of sessions it takes to remove the tattoo will depend on the size and depth of ink used in the tattoo.
Myth #3: I Can Use a Tattoo Removal Cream to Achieve the Same Results
There are many creams on the market that claim that they can remove tattoos, but don’t fall for it. These creams don’t truly remove the tattoo in the same way that a laser would. Instead, they use harmful ingredients like bleach to cover the tattoo superficially. Although these creams may seem like a miracle solution, they are definitely something to be avoided. Laser tattoo removal is a much more worthwhile investment in the long run, and won’t have any harmful side effects for your skin.

Laser tattoo removal has advanced so much in recent years that professionals can comfortably take on any tattoo and get your skin back to the way it was originally. If you hate your tattoo, there’s no reason to live with it – laser tattoo removal will have you looking and feeling confident in your appearance again. Contact Laser Skin Solutions in Jacksonville, Florida today to schedule your initial tattoo removal consultation.

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