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Feel like you’re drowning in sweat – even when you’re not in the middle of a workout? Sweat treatment could be the right step

We’ve all had a moment when we suddenly noticed sweat blooms underneath our arms. Embarrassed, we do whatever we can to cover up the sweat (and the potential odor) until the sweat dries, hiding beneath sweaters and keeping our arms pinned to our sides. But is that experience something that you’re encountering more often than you’d like?

For many patients, excessive sweating is an oppressive and life-altering concern. If your sweat levels are making you endlessly uncomfortable and sapping your confidence, it’s time to find a new path forward. Palm Coast sweat treatment offers the first non-surgical, permanent solution to hyperhidrosis. Unsure as to whether you’re a candidate? Schedule a free consultation by filling out the form below.

Do I Have Excessive Sweating?

Think about whether the situations listed below apply to your own life. If you feel that these resonate with you, then sweat treatment is definitely something to explore.

  • You sweat when you shouldn’t be sweating. If you’re sweaty when at rest, at a comfortable temperature, and not anxious in any way, then that sweat is problematic. It’s not serving you in any way, and it should be stopped.
  • You stain clothes and have to replace shirts often – Think about how often you have to buy new work clothes because of sweat stains. If you’re spending tons of money on new shirts, those funds would be put to better use on sweat reduction treatment.
  • You are uncomfortable being around others – When you’re dealing with unwanted sweat and odor, you’re not yourself. If you don’t feel confident when dealing with your current sweat levels, we’d love to tell you more about your treatment options.
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