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Sweat can be a serious problem. How often have you found yourself fed up with damp underarms and bad odors? If it’s a common occurrence, then it’s time to find a solution.

Your excessive sweating impacts your job, your social life, and your daily comfort. Life is short – you shouldn’t be plagued by constant sweat. If you’re ready to take a step forward, we’re here to help with miraDry. LSS Jacksonville is one of the only clinics in North Florida to offer this remarkable, permanent treatment, and we would love to provide you with a less sweaty future.

Finding the Right Sweat and Odor Treatment

Until miraDry, most sweat treatments were temporary fixes. Many patients have tried hyperhidrosis treatment with Botox, and found periodic reduction in sweat and odor. The problem with Botox? It doesn’t last. After the effects of the medication wear off (usually between 4-6 months), you’ll be back where you started, and feeling obligated to continue costly and time-consuming treatment sessions.

The other option for hyperhidrosis patients is surgery, which removes sweat glands from the skin. This is invasive, expensive, and accompanied by significant downtime. While excessive sweating is oppressive, many patients are unable to take the surgical step necessary to fix the problem for good.

With miraDry, sweat glands are permanently destroyed – without making you uncomfortable or bringing you into the office again and again.

We love miraDry because it is:

  • Permanent – After the miraDry treatment sessions (usually 2 appointments), there will be up to an 82% reduction of your sweat glands. They will not regenerate, and you’ll continue to see lowered sweat levels.
  • Fast – miraDry is complete in only two treatment sessions, and you won’t need to return to the office afterwards.
  • Non-invasive – The procedure is completed with a handheld laser, which gently heats the sweat glands in your underarms. There are no incisions or surgical procedures, but you get many of the same benefits as with surgery. How cool is that?

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