A Summer Without Shaving? Here’s How to Get Hair-Free

The summer is about half over (sigh), and you’re settled back into the seasonal schedule. Most of the things you get to do in the summertime are fun – but you have to engage in a little extra personal upkeep to really enjoy them.

We’re not just talking about getting your body bikini ready. While many women are concerned about slipping into swimwear because of their body size or shape, many are also anxious about their hair.

No matter the location, body hair can be a big problem. And dealing with it means time on hair removal – whether it’s shaving, waxing, or creams. The treatment choice isn’t the problem, it’s the lost time and energy.

Ready to be done dealing with daily hair growth (for good)? Then laser hair removal is the name of the game.

Ever Think About the Things You Could Be Doing Instead of Shaving?

You deal with your body hair on a regular basis. When you think about the time you spend each day on removing hair from your legs, upper lip, underarms, or bikini line, you realize that those moments in the bathroom really add up. Spending time and effort on your hair robs you of enjoying additional free time each day.

We have precious little free time as is. Why wake up early to shave when you could be waking up early to sip tea and relax, or eat breakfast with your kids? Choosing laser hair removal will allow you to reclaim these moments for more rewarding pursuits. Stop shaving, and start spending that time elsewhere.

How Our Jacksonville Beach Clinic’s Laser Hair Removal Works

LSS Jacksonville offers treatment with the CoolGlide laser. This laser improves upon older hair removal technology by keeping treatment comfortable without sacrificing effectiveness. As an added plus, the CoolGlide laser is the only FDA-approved laser for treatment of darker skin tones.

Hair removal lasers target the pigment in hair follicles. The laser delivers shorts bursts of light energy to the hair’s shaft, destroying its source of growth. Because lasers need to be able to target pigmentation, they are typically more effective on dark hair. But patients with dark skin tones no longer need to worry about side effects – at least not with the CoolGlide laser.

The treatment process typically follows a schedule akin to this:

  1. You visit our clinic for an initial consultation. Dr. Lezaic will talk to you about your hair loss goals, and evaluate your skin’s need and hair growth and color to decide whether laser treatment is the right course of action.
  2. You return for your first appointment. Hair removal sessions typically take between 30-90 minutes, depending on the area of the body being treated (the lip needs much less time than a man’s upper back).
  3. You return for a set number of follow-up treatments. These are typically shorter as the process continues, with less hair to treat at each appointment. While the set number of treatments varies, most patients benefit from 6-9 treatments, spaced 6-10 weeks apart.

Hair Removal for Every Skin Type – Including Yours

You’re unique, and your results will vary based on your hair and your skin. Some patients need to shave less frequently, with some being able to abstain from hair removal altogether. Re-growth of treated hair will be minimal, with the hairs fine and light in color. The hairs will also be more sparse, with the overall area looking and feeling smoother. Specifically, most patients lose 20-30% of their hair per treatment session.

Get an estimate of what your skin could look like after treatment. Break from the shaving burden by getting in touch with us today!

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