Meet miraDry – The Lasting Answer to Sweat

It’s the end of July. Have you been enjoying your summer, or have you been drowning in a puddle of sweat? If you have a problem with hyperhidrosis, the warmer months can feel like an uphill battle (and your underarms may have you looking like you’ve physically been in one).

How can you enjoy the summer without struggling to hide signs of excessive sweat? You’ve probably tried different options and been disappointed with the results. Everything on the market is temporary. And the surgical option can feel extreme.

If you – like most excessive sweaters – are looking for a solution that lasts but doesn’t require serious commitment, we have the answer. miraDry is the new way to keep your sweating from controlling your life.

How is miraDry Different from Other Sweat Treatments?

Prescription antiperspirants can only do so much. They wear off. And even if you pair them with absorptive clothing or pads, you still spend your days with anxiety. Is your sweating showing through your work clothes, even in the office? Is your date noticing dark stains underneath your arms? This negatively impacts every moment of your life.

Maybe you’ve tried Botox, and been satisfied with those results – for as long as they lasted. But once the gland-numbing effect wears off, you’re right back where you started. Repeated Botox treatments will end up accumulating big costs.

Eliminating Sweat Glands For Good

miraDry’s effects, on the other hand, are permanent. The system delivers electromagnetic energy to the sweat glands in your underarms. Once a sweat gland is eliminated with miraDry’s technology, it doesn’t grow back. After a couple procedures, you’ll see an average 82% reduction in your underarm sweat. We know – that’s a big difference. And it’s one that’s going to stay with you throughout your life.

How Less Sweat Will Change Your Life

If you’ve always had problems with excessive sweat, you probably struggle to imagine what life would be like without the ongoing strife of problem sweating. But remaining dry and cool isn’t out of your reach. And once miraDry has made that your reality, you’ll feel ready to take on the world.

No more holding back at work or in social situations because you’re scared of revealing sweat marks. No more buying new dress shirts by the dozen because you’re plagued by stains. No more struggling to find the antiperspirant that actually works. And no more throwing down money again and again for ongoing prescriptions or Botox treatments.

Just dry underarms and a smile on your face.

Making the miraDry Choice in Jacksonville

You probably have questions about miraDry treatment, and we’d love to answer them for you. A few that are probably on your mind include:

  • What will it feel like? Prior to administering miraDry, Dr. Lezaic will give you local anesthetic to numb your underarm. This will prevent you from feeling significant discomfort. Most patients rate the pain level about a 2 on a scale of 1-10. The sensation primarily comes from the suction of the handpiece.
  • How long does treatment take? The procedure lasts about one hour.
  • How many procedures will I need? Most patients need two treatments to see full results. Dr. Lezaic will tell you how many you could need at your initial consultation. While the sweat glands do not regenerate after treatment, it will take a couple sessions to reach them all.

miraDry is a new treatment, and Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville is proud to offer it to our patients. If you’d like to learn more about the process, just get in touch. Reduced sweat is waiting!

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