A Beginner’s Guide to Dermal Fillers

Hoping to do some facial plumping? Then it’s time to make some decisions. The number of dermal fillers available today is a little bit daunting. The positive side of this vast array of choices is that there’s a filler out there that’s precisely right for you. The results can be subtle or dramatic, temporary or long-lasting, volume-adding or collagen growth-boosting; the list goes on. How do you navigate your many options? With the help of our guide to dermal fillers.

How Do I Know Which Filler is Best for My Skin?

As we age, our faces lose volume. When cheeks and lips sag, wrinkles form across our lower faces. Dermal fillers supply the skin with new sources of hydration, recreating a youthful roundness. Different facial fillers target different areas of the face, types of volume loss, and levels of change.

The only way to know which filler is just right for you is to enlist the help of a professional. This guide is not intended to serve as a means of making that choice, just a comparison between a few of the biggest fillers on the market. The tips below are general and intended to inform you before beginning the filler journey. Read on to learn more about each medication, and to prepare yourself for an in-depth conversation with Dr. Jill Lezaic.

Dermal Fillers Available in Jacksonville Beach


There are several forms of Juvederm available, to cater to patients with distinct needs. All forms contain hyaluronan, a naturally-occurring substance that boosts dermal volume. The hyaluronan in Juvederm has been synthetically produced to prevent allergic reactions. This filler is most popular as a solution for deep lines around the nose and mouth.

Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville offers:

  • Juvederm Ultra XC – Every version of Juvederm with “XC” in the name has lidocaine added. This helps ease pain during injection and healing. Other than that, Juvederm Ultra XC contains a finer version of filler molecules. It’s ideal for lip enhancement and very fine lines (like the vertical ones around the lips).
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus – Ultra Plus has a thicker formula, appropriate for deeper wrinkles like laugh lines (aka naso-labial folds). It is long-lasting and enduring.


Restylane is similar to Juvederm, but offers more versatile applications. It’s appropriate for both fine and deep lines caused by volume loss. Like Juvederm, Restylane also offers a variation with lidocaine (Restylane-L) to soothe discomfort  during and post treatment. It’s most often used on lines between the nose and mouth. Dr. Lezaic will evaluate your skin and decide whether Juvederm of Restylane is likely to offer ideal results.


Radiesse works differently from other fillers. Rather than simply supplying the skin with a volume boost, it actually stimulates the dermis to kickstart fresh collagen growth. Radiesse holds calcium microspheres which stimulate collagen production, with a cushioning gel that acts as a source of immediate support. The renewed collagen growth will continue for several months, making your filler treatment really count. This makes Radiesse an immediate and long-term treatment, something that is unique in the filler world.

Head spinning after all the mentions of volume, fine lines, and filler formulas? Allow our expert team to introduce you to the world of facial injections. If you’ve been feeling frustrated or prematurely aged-looking, it’s time to take action. Don’t let your lined skin define you or limit your confidence. Contact Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville to schedule a consultation and learn more about treatment with dermal fillers.

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