Ashamed of Your Tattoos? Time to Remove that Ink

How many times have you modified an outfit to cover a tattooed arm or leg? Felt anxious at work when your sleeve pushed up and revealed some ink? Grew uncomfortable in a social or professional interaction because you felt you were being judged by your body modification? Or even just caught a glimpse of a tattoo and been filled with regret?

If any of those moments resonated, it’s time to consider tattoo removal. Removal isn’t just about the ways your tattooed skin is limiting your life, it’s the best step you can take toward regaining control. And with each passing year, laser tattoo removal becomes more comfortable and more effective. Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville offers the spectacularly successful PicoSure Laser to make your removal a breeze. There’s no reason not to get red of that bad ink: once and for all.

Deciding on Tattoo Removal

We ran you through the emotional gambit in the introduction of the post, but there are other things to consider when deciding on removal. A few motivators include:

  • The sooner you start, the better. Because removal does take some time, it’s wise to begin as soon as possible. The earlier you begin treatments, the sooner you’ll be able to look at your arm, chest, or ankle and see ink-free skin.
  • Removal is possible at any time of the year. Although you will need to protect the treatment area to prevent scarring, it’s never the wrong time to start. If you’re receiving treatments in the summertime, we’ll prescribe an appropriate protection method to keep the site out of the sun and well-cared-for.
  • You’re going to feel free for the first time in a long time. You’re probably underestimating just how serious a drain your tattoo has had on your life. Don’t spend moments each day regretting your decisions: remove the tattoo to feel renewed and rejuvenated, with clear skin once again.

PicoSure Tattoo Removal Available in Jacksonville Beach

Tattoo removal lasers continue to evolve, and the PicoSure is the latest development in the field. This FDA-approved laser employs shorter light pulses than traditional Q-switched tattoo removal lasers. Shorter pulses mean less heating of the surrounding skin, and more precise treatment. The short bursts of light energy break tattoo ink into minute particles. After treatment, the body naturally disposes of these particles, resulting in clearer skin. The PicoSure is used for treatment of different types of skin pigmentation, and is especially effective on tattoo ink.

How the PicoSure Laser Changes the Patient Experience

If you’ve tried other methods of tattoo removal and been disappointed, we recommend that you try again with the PicoSure. Patients unhappy with their progress after treatment with a Q-switched laser have seen improved removal with this new laser. The PicoSure is incredibly effective, and offers patients a number of advantages:

  1. Fewer appointments – PicoSure removes tattoo ink more quickly than its competitors. This means a lower number of treatments without a decrease in effectiveness. Because the number of treatments necessary depends on tattoo size, color, type of ink, and location,
  2. Enhanced precision – If you’re interested in removing only a portion of a tattoo, or lightening the area to prepare for a cover-up, the PicoSure will allow for that precision.
  3. Improved results – The PicoSure Laser may be able to remove a tattoo that other lasers have failed to eradicate. It’s excellent with stubborn colors and should begin showing results within 4-6 weeks after each session.
  4. Overall commitment – In terms of both time spent in the office and the money spent on treatment, you’ll save with PicoSure. Because you’ll likely need fewer sessions to see improved results, you won’t have to make the same kind of commitment as you would with a standard laser.

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