Nail Fungus? No Thank You!

Is something about your fingernails or toenails looking a little off? Nail fungus begins as a small, white or yellow spot beneath the tip of the fingernail. While it may seem innocuous in its early stages, progressive infections can leave you feel self-conscious, uncomfortable, and embarrassed.

Nail fungus is never a glamorous topic, but one that you will always benefit from addressing. If you don’t seek medical help, the infection could continue indefinitely. Moreover, fungal infections of the nails can be tough to treat with traditional medications. That’s why Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville offers Laser Genesis for nail fungus. This gentle heating process clears up infection at its source – getting you back to life as usual.

Reasons to Free Yourself of Nail Fungus

Onychomycosis, or a fungal infection of the nail, won’t necessarily progress to something that is dangerous for your body. But this doesn’t mean that you should neglect treatment. Once your nails have succumbed to an infection, they could be:

  • Thicker
  • Brittle
  • Crumbly
  • Ragged
  • Strangely shaped
  • Dull
  • Darkened
  • Separating from the nail bed
  • Painful
  • Malodorous

…and none of those factors are welcome in your life. When you’re faced with nail fungus, you will see negative effects on your social, emotional, and professional lives. You may go to extreme lengths to prevent your fingernails or toenails from being seen, especially if the weather is warm and your digits are exposed. Many patients also fear passing the fungus to other family members or friends, leading them to avoid other people. In addition to these issues, you may experience ongoing pain that makes it impossible to stand for long periods or to type. And because fungal infections are often recurring (as the fungus may continue to invade your nails), they can resist traditional anti-fungal drugs and be tricky to clear up completely. This leads to long, frustrating periods of attempted healing and treatment.

It’s just not worth it to avoid your infection, or to turn to treatment that could take months to show changes – and that could allow for a relapse. Cutera’s Laser Genesis offers a nail fungus-specific laser solution.

How Laser Genesis Works

Laser Genesis provides gentle dermal heating. The technology is typically used for anti-aging treatments, because it is adept at stimulating collagen growth, diffusing redness, and improving signs of sun damage. Yet its capabilities make it a ready treatment for fungal infections. The dermal heating kills the fungi responsible for the problem – without disturbing healthy skin cells.

The GenesisPlus handpiece is light and versatile, making it simple to use on fingers or toes. Its sensor actively monitors the skin’s temperature, communicating to our team the precise level of heat in the treatment area. We will then adjust the heating based on this temperature scale and on patient feedback, ensuring that treatment is both comfortable and effective. Treatment will take between 15-30 minutes, as we treat all fingers and toes to prevent fungal growth in new areas. While many patients need only 4 treatments, those with more aggressive infections will benefit from more.

Laser Genesis won’t change the appearance of your nail immediately; as the nails grow out, the new growth will be clear and unaffected. But Laser Genesis offers a more certain prognosis than other forms of medication (some topical treatments can take over a year to have a complete effect). Once you complete your laser treatments, you’ll be able to go about life as usual while you wait for your affected nails to grow. We’ll provide you with aftercare instructions if necessary, and will always be available to answer any questions.

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