Fight Premature Aging with Cutting-Edge Technology

Waking up to start a new day, you’re already feeling a little groggy and uncertain. What will the coming hours bring? Looking in the mirror to put on your makeup and seeing a brand new wrinkle is enough to send you back to bed. But premature aging doesn’t have to find a home on your face. If you’ve grown frustrated with fine facial lines, discoloration, and uneven skin tone, you don’t have to turn to extreme measures. The top-notch laser technology available at LSS Jacksonville is ready and waiting – and will deliver precisely the results you’re seeking.

Finding Skin Rejuvenation without Downtime

If you’re hoping to minimize a few wrinkles and even your facial skin, that doesn’t mean you have to turn to invasive treatments. Most patients who experience premature aging are looking for something lightly rejuvenating, that will refresh their skin without making them look unnatural. Laser technology allows us to deliver a variety of treatments without sending you into a long healing period or altering your natural beauty. Our skin care technology is at the forefront of the cosmetic laser movement. Lasers are incredibly gentle, and better target the precise problems you’re hoping to address.

Skin-Rejuvenating Technology in Jacksonville Beach

  • IPL treatment – IPL stands for “intense pulsed light.” IPL treatments aren’t technically laser treatments, but photo facials. Like lasers, they employ high-energy light to stimulate your skin, clear away discoloration, and renew cell growth.  These treatments deliver short blasts of a polychromatic light to barely penetrate the skin’s surface, damaging problematic melanin or the blood vessels responsible for broken capillaries. After treatment, your skin heals and repairs the damage, evening its tone. IPL can also boost collagen growth, improving skin’s volume and firmness. IPL is most effective in a series of treatments.
  • Laser Genesis – Laser Genesis comfortably heats the skin to stimulate collagen production and smooth existing wrinkles. It doesn’t harm your skin, but revitalizes the entire face. Many patients find the procedure soothing and gently warming. Laser Genesis also helps with sun discoloration, rosacea, and age spots.
  • Pearl Fusion – A more intense treatment than the others we’ve listed, Pearl Fusion allows for more dramatic rejuvenation. This procedure resurfaces the skin, transforming its appearance and reducing signs of age. After Pearl Fusion, your skin will require some healing time – but the results will be well worth it. Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville offers Vibraderms and Obagi products alongside Pearl Fusion to better maintain your results.
    Laser vein removal – Growing older doesn’t mean you have to hide your legs for fear of showing off veins. We offer different types of laser vein removal for visible veins and broken capillaries on the face and legs. Depending on your veins, either a single treatment or a group will create the vein-free skin you’ve been looking for.

Personalized Care for Aging Skin

We’ve primarily discussed skin tone and discoloration as signs of age, but we’re aware that patients have diverse aging concerns. If you’re experiencing loose skin on the face or neck and seeking skin tightening, other Cutera treatments will bring welcome results. The Titan TM delivers deep dermal heating, improving firmness and tightening loose areas of skin – nearly anywhere on the body, including the abdomen, arms, and legs. A series of treatments will deliver results without requiring downtime or causing you discomfort.

Before we decide on treatment, Dr. Jill Lezaic will meet with you and discuss your dermal concerns. Once we’re aware of your priorities, we can better care for your skin. Dr. Lezaic may recommend one or more of the treatments mentioned in this post. If you’re ready to learn more, simply get in touch.

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