4 Reasons Laser Hair Removal Is Worth The Investment

Have you been thinking about getting rid of problem hair for good? Not sure whether the laser removal process will be worth it? Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville has seen so many patients’ lives changed by laser depilation. We’ll help clarify your choice by guiding you through why removal makes such an impact, and what you can expect from life with less body hair.

Choosing Laser Hair Removal in Jacksonville Beach

We understand that deciding to take the laser hair removal plunge can be a little intimidating. Setting yourself up for repeat appointments can feel like a bit of a commitment. It helps you realize whether or not laser hair removal is right when you consider the lifelong benefits that will follow treatment. Sure, you’ll need to visit our clinic periodically during the removal process. But your permanently smoother skin is going to continue benefiting you for a lifetime. Below, we’ve listed our favorite reasons behind laser hair removal.

1. You’ll save so much time

The full course of CoolGlide laser treatments will require 6-9- appointments, spaced out over 6-10 weeks. But after that, you’ll be saving incredible amounts of time on a daily basis. Consider how many minutes you spend each day removing hair from your legs, armpits, bikini line, and other areas. Now imagine spending that time out of the bathroom, and occupied with something much more pleasant. During a single day, you’ll have more time to get ready, eat breakfast, relax, and spend with your loved ones. Over the course of your lifetime, you’ll save hundreds of hours by remaining hair-free. We think that’s well worth the immediate commitment.

2. Smooth skin is a huge confidence boost

When you’re not worried about problem hair, you feel more confident and capable. You may find that you’re more socially comfortable and even professionally active. Any treatment that brings you closer to what you envision as  your ideal appearance is going to affect your self-esteem and your willingness to be at the center of attention. Improved confidence affects every area of your life – if you have an opportunity to improve yours, you should seize it!

3. You’ll feel more comfortable with yourself

Alongside boosted confidence comes a decrease in self-consciousness. Think about the last time you were at the beach – were you too nervous about showing problem hair to really relax and enjoy yourself? With that hair gone, you’re ready for anything, and you feel better in the process. Embrace yourself and your smooth skin!

4. The results are permanent

Laser hair removal’s most incredible benefit is the permanence of its results. While there can be some hair regrowth over time, the hair that grows in will be much finer and lighter, and far less noticeable than the original hair. You’ll see a decrease in how often you need to shave, and a reduction in the hair growth across the treatment area. You’ll be thrilled with your new body hair (or lack thereof), and look forward to life without hair-related frustrations.

Not every patients is an ideal candidate for laser hair removal. While the CoolGlide laser is friendly toward all skin types, patients with very light or blonde hair don’t see marked results. If you’re not sure whether hair removal is right for you, schedule a consultation to talk to Dr. Jill Lezaic. With the aid of her professional opinion, you’ll know which hair removal option is right for you.

Don’t put off the amazing benefits that laser hair removal could bring to your life; contact us today!

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