Shaping Your Ideal Body

We all have problem fat – the areas that we struggle to shape. No matter how much we diet or exercise, they refuse to slim down. There comes a time when problem fat stops being a problem that you’re able to deal with on your own. Allow TruSculpt to step in and take care of the spots that have plagued you for yeas. After several treatments, you’ll see your ideal body shape emerge – and experience freedom from persistent fat.

The TruSculpt Candidate

Patients who see the greatest success with TruSculpt are the ones in good shape. They’re healthy and within range of their target weight, but struggling to rid themselves of certain pockets of fat/cellulite. If you’re exercising, losing weight, and have a body fat percentage of 30% of less, TruSculpt is likely right for you.

Candidacy is determined by the location of the fat and the state of your general health. Your skin type won’t be an important factor in the planning process. Whether you have delicate skin or other dermal considerations, TruSculpt shouldn’t prove impossible or uncomfortable.

The TruSculpt Process

The full course of TruSculpt will take several months. Because treatment relies on aid from your body’s biological processes, the results look completely natural. But this also means that treatment takes time – and we need to give your body adequate room to process the dead fat cells and metabolize them. Each treatment will feel comfortable, and will not be followed by necessary downtime. You’ll resume regular activities right away.

Each treatment session lasts about one hour. You’ll need two or three treatments (spaced 4-8 weeks apart) to see the full results. Your body will continue to change in the months after your final treatment.

Ready to learn more about whether TruSculpt is right for you? Contact Laser Skin Solutions to arrange an initial consultation.

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