Why It’s Time for Tattoo Removal

First question: do you have any tattoos? Follow-up: how do you feel about them? Tattoos are inherently problematic because of the decision-making process behind them. While it takes mere hours to decide on a tattoo and then have it inked onto your skin, that tattoo is then a part of you for the rest of your life. There isn’t an even balance between deciding on a tattoo and experiencing what a tattoo is actually like. As tattoos grow in popularity, so does the number of individuals interested in revisiting their tattoo-free selves. Don’t put off tattoo removal any longer. If you regret a tattoo, removal is not only the right decision, but is also one that is easy to make with the help of modern skin care lasers.

Why Remove Your Tattoo

If you’ve ever experienced frustration stemming from a tattoo, that ink has got to go. While a tattoo starts out as something desirable, a piece that you’re eager to show off, passing years can turn it to a reminder of regret. Don’t allow your tattoos to stymie your personal interactions and the way you present yourself. Removing a tattoo offers you:

  • Professional appearance – Not every job field makes tattoos impossible to bare, but a majority do. Don’t feel concerned about covering up certain areas to present a professional look. If your job is more important to you than your tattoo, you’re going to be thrilled to lose the ink.
  • Clear skin – We’re all fighting for clearer skin. A tattoo mars an area that could be clear and beautiful. Many people feel uncomfortable with the constant presence of a dark tattoo, feeling it drains their skin of its visual vitality. Laser tattoo removal will eliminate even small traces of ink, resulting in a clear expanse of skin.
  • Reduced stress – When you have a tattoo but work in a tattoo-unfriendly field, covering it up is constantly on your mind. You may also feel nervous around relatives or family members. Once a tattoo is removed, your skin is work-ready, and you spend less time fretting about looking appropriate.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Standard tattoo removal lasers are Q-switched. They emit repetitive pulses of light to penetrate pigmented skin and break up ink particles. The targeted particles are then naturally processed and dissipated by biological processes. The non-continuous pulses are better for the skin, and the laser targets only pigmented areas. Healthy skin is left untouched, and natural pigmentation preserved.

Although Q-switched lasers are great tattoo removal tools, the PicoSure laser offers something even better.

Advantages of PicoSure Laser Treatment

Standard skin lasers use a photothermal action to dissolve ink particles. This action creates heat, which can cause minor skin damage, discomfort, and blistering. The PicoSure produces a photomechanic action, helping to reduce the level of heat necessary. Its pulses are briefer, lasting only trillionths of a second, but powerful. The pulses shatter ink particles, reducing them to a fine dust. These incredibly small particles are then easily processed by the body.

  • A rundown of PicoSure treatment’s many benefits includes:
  • Simple removal of light-colored inks usually resistant to treatment (including blues & greens)
  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • Requires fewer treatments and shorter treatments than Q-switched lasers
  • Briefer downtime after removal sessions
  • Improved final result, with unnoticeable traces of the former tattoo

If you hate a tattoo, it should have no part of your life. Whether you’ve lost emotional attachment to its sentiment, are hoping to make your appearance more professional, or are working to reclaim clear skin, laser tattoo removal could be the right step. Contact us to discuss the treatment process, pricing, and the likely outcome for your tattoo removal.

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