Is Your Skin Aging Your Appearance?

Sometimes we feel like we’re looking older than our actual ages, but struggle to pinpoint the causes. More often than not, skin plays a significant part in premature aging. Your facial skin is subjected to a great deal – the elements (especially the sun), daily muscle movements and facial expressions, and years of makeup and damaging products. Once you decide to do something about your skin, a world of options opens up to you. Our skin care clinic offers a variety of treatments for every type of patient. Read on for some help identifying a few signs of aging skin and to learn more about your skin care options.

Signs of Age on the Skin – And How to Treat Them

  • Wrinkles – Deep wrinkles are caused by the gradual loss of collagen paired with years of repetitive muscle movements. Combat wrinkles across the forehead and around the nose and mouth with cosmetic injections of Botox and dermal fillers.
  • Fine lines – Fine lines are less obvious than wrinkles, but just as involved in aging a face. They can also be a little tricker to treat, owing to their subtlety. Fortunately, delicate dermal fillers will fill in fine lines without overdoing it.
  • Discoloration – Your skin can become overpigmented as a result of sun or age. These spots age your entire countenance, but they’re not irreversible. Treatments like chemical peels, IPL, and laser genesis will help remove superficial spotting and refresh your skin.
  • Loose skin – Loss of volume in skin on your face and neck can lead to sagging, loose-looking skin. Laser skin tightening will help resolve this problem and return youthfulness to those areas.

Skin Care Advice for Aging Skin

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