Simple Ways to Revitalize Your Skin


Home skin care is your first defense against dermal problems. Of course, it’s always helpful to get some outside assistance. Many people establish their skin care routines based on a combination of recommendations, which products are available, and what family members do to care for their skin. If you’ve never checked your skin care regimen with a professional, now’s the time to do so. Not only will Dr. Jill Lezaic examine your skin and recommend products for home care, she’ll discuss specific in-office treatments that will help make a difference. Even basic skin treatments like facials and chemical peels have gorgeous, rejuvenating results.

Jacksonville Beach Spa and Skin Care Center

Your treatment at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville will be both soothing and effective. You’ll relax as you renew your skin, and will both feel and look refreshed when you leave our clinic. While we’re proud of the laser treatments we offer, there are quicker and easier ways to see rejuvenation.

  • Chemical peels – We offer a wide variety of chemical peels, but don’t feel overwhelmed by your list of options. Dr. Lezaic will consult with you beforehand to ensure that your peel will deliver ideal results. We may customize your peel in order for it to match your unique skin. During a peel, dead or damaged superficial skin cells are removed from your face. This stimulates new cell growth, revitalizing the look and feel of your skin.
  • Facials – A facial involves a number of steps that aim to cleanse, exfoliate, and renew. Depending on your needs, we’ll recommend the facial that will be the most beneficial. Facials not only improve skin’s appearance, they soothe your whole self and have some health benefits. Facials should be received monthly for best results.

Seeking A Pick-Me-Up? Schedule A Facial or Chemical Peel

Get in touch with our Jacksonville Beach clinic to schedule your consultation and skin treatment. You’ll love the way you feel after professional skin care!

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