The Jacksonville Beach Facial Peel for Your Skin Type

Skin rejuvenation is completely personal. Though there are skin care regimens appropriate for those that fall within certain categories (like dry skin or oily skin), when you’re visiting our skin care clinic, you’ll be getting something more personalized. Dr. Jill Lezaic will meet with you to discuss what you’d like the outcome of your treatment to be, and determine the best treatment plan. If you’re looking for youthful, refreshed skin without invasive procedures, chances are that a chemical peel will be a part of your treatment. But just what are chemical peels, and what are the different types? This week’s blog post will illuminate facial peels and help you understand your course of skin care treatment.

Types of Skin Peels in Jacksonville Beach

During a peel, a chemical solution is applied to your facial skin to remove dead and damaged skin cells. Different intensities will relieve you of different layers of your skin, in order to reveal the fresh skin beneath. Light, medium, and deep chemical peels have varying treatment times, recovery times, and results. The peels offered at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville, as well as the skin types they’re most appropriate for, include:

  1. Illuminize Peel – Our gentlest peel, the Illuminize peel will refresh your skin without requiring significant downtime. It’s right for patients seeking gentle skin renewal and evened skin texture.
  2. GLO Minerals Triplex Peel – This peel contains glycolic acid and salicylic acid. It’s right for patients with oily skin and congested pores, who are looking for effective but comfortable treatment. Depending on your skin, we may customize this peel to make it just right, so that it will also target hyperpigmentation or age lines. You will notice results after treatment; we typically recommend two Triplex peels per year.
  3. Vitalize Peel – The Vitalize peel is a medium-strength chemical peel, and will have longer-lasting results. It is great for acne and clogged pores. You will see results within one week after treatment.
  4. Rejuvenize Peel – Rejuvenize is the most intense peel we offer, and it will deeply penetrate your facial skin to reveal youthful, new skin. This is right for patients seeking an intense peel to reduce signs of age.

Deciding on Your Chemical Peel

We’ll work with you every step of the way until your skin is healthy and glowing. Get in touch to set up your first consultation.

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