Your Skin Care Regimen

How did you establish your current skin care regimen, i.e. the types of skin care products and the way you apply them daily? It’s not often that we stop and reflect on something like this. When doing so, most of us realize that our skin care choices have been gradually made over the course of many years. We’ve cobbled our skin care plans together from tips from friends and family, magazine advice, and even whatever was on sale at the drug store. This generally doesn’t mean that you’re using products that are the best possible choices for your skin. This blog post lists a few considerations you should ponder in order to evaluate your skin care choices.

Is Your Skin Care Right For Your Skin?

How are you treating your skin each day, and how does your skin feel about that form of treatment? Consider the following:

  1. How does your skin respond to different products? When you use a certain face wash, cleanser, or astringent, how does your skin react? Pay close attention to what your skin is telling you. If it’s red or bumpy after using a product, it’s probably a good idea to ditch it.
  2. Do you like the products you’re using? This doesn’t involve just how the product affects your skin, but how you feel about it in general. Do you like the scent and the feel it leaves on your face? There are so many skin care options on the market today that there’s likely something that could make you happier.
  3. Are you happy with the state of your skin? What would you like to change about your skin? Identifying this will help you determine deficiencies in your skin care.

Professional Skin Treatments

Feeling unsure as you approach the wide world of skin care? The proliferation of products and techniques is intimidating. If you’re ready for a professional opinion, visit Dr. Jill Lezaic to begin a regimen that you know is right for your skin. Contact our office to set up an initial consultation.

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