Diagnose Your Sweating: Just Annoying, or a Serious Problem?

When does sweating turn from something frustrating that you deal with now and then to an ongoing problem that controls your life? Only you can answer that question.

Part of what makes sweating so difficult is that it’s not just about excess moisture. With sweat, comes odor – and that’s a big part of why we feel uncomfortable when perspiring excessively. Check out our questions below to better gauge the kind of response that your sweating deserves.

Is Your Sweating Serious?

  • Do you find your sweating impossible to control? If you’ve taken measures to improve your sweat, but haven’t seen improvements, then you’re probably completely fed up with the state of your underarms. When antiperspirants, medications, and even temporary treatments like Botox fail to lead to long-term relief, you get frustrated and feel helpless.
  • Does sweating come with unwanted odor that deodorant doesn’t improve? Sweat is often accompanied by odor, especially if you’re feeling anxious while sweating. Because hyperhidrosis actually inspires anxiety, it’s common to find that your sweat has a scent. And that scent can be noticeable, not just to yourself, but to friends, coworkers, and others you encounter throughout the day. You don’t deserve to be brought down by this unpleasant odor.
  • Are you anxious in social setting because of sweat under your arms? When you find yourself sweating against your will, you become nervous that others will notice the appearance of dark circles under your arms. This impacts the way you interact with others, and can have a negative influence on your work and social lives.
  • Would you be happier with less sweat in your daily life? If you think that reducing sweat would make you more content, then that’s something to consider further. We only have so much time, and you should be able to spend yours while far less sweaty.

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