Is Your Sun Protection on Point?

With summer well underway, you’ve (hopefully!) been amping up your sun protection. But are your impulses the right ones? There’s so much misinformation out there about sunscreen, it’s important to check back in.

Read on for some tips on summer sun protection, and let us know if you’re hoping to treat sun-damaged skin. Clear up brown spots and wrinkles, and rejuvenate responsibly!

Common Sun Protection Myths

  • Old sunscreen is just as effective – While we always have some sunscreen left over from the previous summer, it’s just not as useful as a new product. Check the expiration date on your sunscreen to be sure it’s still safe. Old sunscreen isn’t going to hurt you, but the ingredients aren’t as effective, and will continue to disintegrate as the summer goes on.
  • A base tan prevents burns – On the contrary, a base tan tends to cause more serious burns, because there’s a false confidence that you’re protected from the sun’s rays. In reality, that base tan provides no more protection than about 3 SPF.
  • Dark skin won’t get skin cancer – While darker-skinned individuals might be less likely to encounter skin cancer, they’re still at risk. No matter your skin color, cover up and block up for full protection.
  • Sunscreen isn’t necessary when it’s cloudy – Up to 80% of the sun’s rays still pass through the clouds and access your skin when it’s cloudy outside. If you’re outdoors for a prolonged period, you will get burned.
  • Makeup with SPF is enough – Most makeups only provide UV protection, and not protection from broad spectrum rays. They’re designed for light protection as you go about your day, not intense, ongoing sun exposure. Even if you’re wearing moisturizer and SPF foundation, be sure to apply sunscreen.
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