Who Can Benefit from PicoSure?

PicoSure is an exciting new laser treatment that can help you achieve the radiant skin you covet. PicoSure is a laser treatment that’s designed to remove pigment from the skin. It can be used for tattoo removal, but it also works well for treating acne scars and other hyperpigmentation. This treatment can even stimulate the skin’s collagen production to treat wrinkles. PicoSure stands out from its competitors because it uses concentrated energy to break up the pigment instead of heat. This is why skin care professionals like Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville prefer it. Here are some signs that you can benefit from this treatment.
You Have a Tattoo That You Want to Alter or Get Rid Of
PicoSure is one of the most effective lasers for tattoo removal, so if you have some ink you’ve been wanting to change for a while, PicoSure treatment can help you get your fresh, clean skin back. Although it does take several sessions, PicoSure will break up the ink in your skin, and over time, the tattoo will fade until it’s gone.
You Have Scars from Acne or Other Skin Damage
If you’re acne prone, you know how frustrating lingering scars can be. PicoSure lasers can help you achieve the beautifully smooth skin tone you’ve been looking for by breaking up the pigment that remains in your acne scars. Since the pigment in these scars isn’t as concentrated as in a tattoo, you will start to see results after just one or two treatments, depending on the severity of your pigmentation.
You Want to Minimize the Appearance of Wrinkles and Sun Damage
PicoSure treatments are also very effective for managing the signs of aging. Since this unique laser treatment activates the body’s natural immune responses, it helps the skin heal itself from damage. However, unlike other similar laser treatments, it’s very gentle and doesn’t activate the immune response by damaging the skin further. A few sessions of PicoSure can help your skin look smoother and more even naturally.
This treatment isn’t invasive, and the only side effect most patients experience is some temporary redness right after the session. The treatment typically takes less than 20 minutes, and most people do not find it painful. If you’re interested in learning more about this treatment, get in touch with the team at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. We also offer a variety of other skin care treatments, and we can help you find the most appropriate laser solution for your skin care needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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