Six Frequently Asked Questions about Sensitive Skin

Even though everyone wishes for smooth skin, some people have sensitive skin that reacts negatively to skin care or household products, causing skin bumps and pustules, among other issues. Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville is glad to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about sensitive skin.
1. Do I Have Sensitive Skin?
The only way to know for certain is to be examined by a professional. Apart from looking for skin reactions such as skin bumps, skin erosion, pustules, blushing, and skin flushing, our professionals will also look for very dry skin that doesn’t protect nerve endings properly. Noticing that your skin reacts negatively to harsh products, however, could be a major red flag.
2. What Usually Triggers Sensitive Skin Reactions?
Skin disorders such as eczema, incredibly dry skin, and skin-damaging environmental factors like the sun can all contribute to skin reactions. Not knowing that your skin is sensitive could cause the reactions to be worse. For example, if you have certain conditions you need to be extra cautious to wear sunscreen when you go outside. Failing to do so can result in breakouts or other negative side effects.
3. Are There Any Medical Tests for Sensitive Skin?
Patch testing may identify signs of allergies, but there are no medical tests to ascertain whether you have sensitive skin due to the many factors that cause reactions. Our professionals will simply help you choose the right products to keep your skin from acting out.
4. Should Men Be Worried about Sensitive Skin Issues?
Skin disorders are not limited to a particular gender, so men should seek expert advice if they are struggling with sensitive skin or reactions to particular products. Some products shouldn’t be used if you have facial hair, so be aware of that as well.
5. What Should I Look for in Skin Care Products?
When buying skin care products, choose those that are odorless. Furthermore, avoid products that contain alcohol, retinoids, antibacterials, or deodorant ingredients.
6. How Can I Test a Skin Care Product before Using It?
It is advisable to do the following before using a skincare product in case you have sensitive skin:
• First, apply a small amount of the skin care product behind one of your ears and leave it overnight, or for several days.
• If there’s no reaction, repeat the same process again on a different area.
• If your skin has not reacted to the product either time, it is safe to presume you can use it on the rest of your skin.
In case you have more concerns, and the above information has not answered some of your questions regarding sensitive skin, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville in Jacksonville Beach, FL to learn more. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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