Turn Back Time with a Non-Surgical Facelift in Jacksonville


There is no hiding it anymore, you are getting old. At least, you are looking old. The problem is that this sight you see in the mirror of yourself is a confidence-killer for sure. You never asked for lines, wrinkles, folds and those drooping jowls and chin. Thankfully, we offer a non-surgical facelift procedure at our office in Jacksonville Beach, and it could work for you!

When it comes to aging, graceful may not be the word you would use to describe what has happened to your appearance. The truth is that time and gravity have robbed you of your youthful looks, and your body did not help matters any when it stopped producing sufficient amounts of collagen and elastin proteins to help maintain your skin’s elasticity and volume. If you felt that screaming would help your situation, you would do so. Rather, what you need is a cosmetic procedure, and now is as good of a time as any to start looking into your options in the Jacksonville area. Look no further than Ultherapy®. This procedure is considered a non-surgical facelift, and for good reason.

When it comes to turning back the hands of time on your appearance, you will want to work with a highly skilled cosmetic professional who has a lot of experience. At Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville, we have performed the Ultherapy® non-surgical facelift procedure on countless clients. Not every cosmetic expert has a good eye for aesthetics, but our team in Jacksonville know just what to do while performing this treatment in order to provide real, natural-looking results.

Ultherapy® has many benefits over a facelift procedure. During a facelift, the cosmetic surgeon will typically begin by administering a local anesthetic and start making incisions to separate the facial skin from the muscles and underlying connective tissues. By repositioning and tightening underlying tissues and removing the underlying sagging skin around the jowls and chin region, the surgeon can undoubtedly make you look younger, but many people in Jacksonville don’t want to undergo such an invasive procedure.

The good news is Ultherapy® can make you look like a younger version of yourself, and this will once again boost your confidence. Schedule a consultation at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville to learn more. Contact our office in Jacksonville Beach today to schedule your appointment!

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