Improve the Signs of Aging with PicoSure

PicoSure® is one of the safest and most effective ways to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, skin discoloration, and other surface blemishes. Most treatments can be completed in under an hour, and you might notice distinct improvements to your skin within a few days of your first treatment. This cutting-edge technology gently removes damaged skin cells so that your body can flood the area with a fresh supply of collagen and elastin. Here is a closer look at just a few of the benefits of the PicoSure® skin rejuvenation system.

Surface blemishes can be caused by many different things including acute injuries, your genetics, your age, and sun damage. Most of those imperfections occur when your body’s supply of elastin and collagen are completely depleted. Your body produces an abundance of those proteins when you are younger, but that will eventually change. As the elastin and collagen break down, minor imperfections become much more visible. PicoSure® is an FDA-approved laser treatment that is designed to quickly lift away dead cells and trigger the production of fresh collagen and elastin.

Your PicoSure® Appointment

As a general rule, patients don’t need to make any changes to their daily habits before or after their PicoSure® appointments. During your first meeting with one of our team members, you will need to tell us about any medications that you are taking that might increase your risk of unwanted side effects. On the day of the treatment, we suggest that you arrive in comfortable clothes and refrain from putting any makeup on the area that is going to be rejuvenated. Treating a single area of the body takes less than, and you can relax or listen to music during that time.

The New You

Most of our patients experience side effects that are mild and fade away after a few hours. You might see immediate changes to the complexion of your skin, but the full results take at least a month or two. Your skin is going to improve before your eyes as your body floods the area with vital proteins and amino acids.

More than one treatment session may be required. Once you have achieved your cosmetic goals, you can schedule touch-up appointments every few months to keep your skin looking beautiful. You also have the option of combining PicoSure® with other non-invasive procedures to further enhance your appearance.

PicoSure® perfectly complements a wide variety of treatments including chemical peels, facials, and dermal fillers. Contact us today at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville and schedule your consultation! Our team in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, is committed to helping you look and feel your best, and PicoSure® may be the right answer for you!

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