St. Augustine Sweating Treatment

You should never be sweating at work – but sometimes your body just won’t cooperate

 Summer’s on its way – a time when we all have to deal with feeling sweatier than usual. But if you struggle with hyperhidrosis, you’re no stranger to unwanted sweat affecting your life. Patients burdened by excessive sweating find themselves dripping sweat when they shouldn’t be, throughout daily life. If you’re sweating when there aren’t temperature-related causes for that perspiration, things can feel a little hopeless. Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville is here to help you find a new option – one that will change your life.

St. Augustine sweating treatment will alleviate perspiration frustrations. With miraDry treatment, we can eliminate an average of 82% of your underarm sweat glands, allowing you to stop stressing and reduce sweat. If you’re living in the St. Augustine area, you’ll find the trip north to our clinic will be worth the drive. We are one of the only clinics in the northern Florida and southern Georgia to offer this new, FDA-approved treatment.

Embracing Life – Without Awkward Sweat

If you’ve been dealing with hyperhidrosis for some time, you may have actually forgotten what life was like without overwhelming amounts of sweat. After receiving miraDry treatment, you will have entirely different day-to-day experiences. No more anxiety at work, or constant self-reminders to keep your arms down lest you show off sweat stains. You won’t have to constantly purchase new clothing and dispose of stained shirts, or pursue prescription anti-perspirants. After your 2 miraDry procedures are complete, treatment is over, and your sweat reduction is complete.

While there is some healing associated with treatment, it is non-invasive. The miraDry handpiece heats your sweat glands from outside your skin, allowing us to eliminate glands without incisions or surgery.

Sound too good to be true? We’d love to tell you more details about the miraDry procedure. Just contact us to start a discussion, and arrange a consultation.

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