St. Augustine Laser Hair Removal

Totally fed up with your hair removal routines? We totally understand. With all there is to get done every day, shaving even minutes off of your grooming routine gives you a bit of wiggle room. Imagine a morning where you don’t have to rush to get ready, or a day at the beach when you’re not anxious about accidentally showing off body hair. Our St. Augustine clinic is happy to report that these dreams can become your reality: it’s all up to laser hair removal.

Why Should I Get Laser Hair Removal, Anyway?

Traditional hair removal methods leave so much to be desired. In addition to the repetition of removal, time spent dealing with body hair, and the potential discomfort, you’re also left with uncertainty about body hair you still may be showing. The hair grows back – sometimes quickly – and shaving doesn’t always leave you stubble-free.

Laser hair removal offers the kind of security that comes with knowing your body hair is under control. After treatment, many of your hair follicles will cease to produce hairs, and the treatment area will thin out. With the right number of sessions, you’ll see overall hair removal that significantly reduces your body hair.

Have questions about the specifics? Read more about Laser Skin Solutions’ CoolGlide laser, and check out the infographic below for some treatment stats.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment in St. Augustine

Start hair removal treatment today to see smooth skin and hair-free happiness by next summer. If you’re living in St. Augustine, then you’ll be pleased to find that Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville is just a short trip away. Dr. Jill Lezaic is one of the preeminent skin care doctors in the area, and she either performs or supervises all laser hair removal treatments.

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