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What is a problem area anyway? While there are typical spots that are difficult to slim down for men and for women, your opinion of what’s problematic is entirely personal. One person’s insecurities don’t necessarily match another’s. But no matter where your problem fat is located, it’s probably making you feel a little out of control of your body.

We consider these fatty areas problems for a few reasons. 1: It’s hard to lose weight from those specific spots. 2: They’re highly visible and easily noticed, even through clothing. While dieting, weight loss, and careful dancing may not have led to the changes you’re hoping for, we know of one thing that will. Palm Coast truSculpt offers effective, non-invasive fat removal. And it works almost anywhere on the body, allowing you to tackle your unique concerns.

Wondering if truSculpt is right for your body? Just schedule a consultation to get a treatment quote, and learn more about your candidacy.

How truSculpt Treats Problem Fat

truSculpt exposes fatty areas to radiofrequency. Because fat cells have a different makeup than surrounding skin cells, they’re affected by the RF energy at a lower heat. This helps encourage the fat cells to die a natural death, so that they are processed by the body and eliminated from the area.

Problem fat is an ideal treatment target for truSculpt because it’s so stubborn. After you’ve been working hard on achieving your target weight for some time, you’re often left with lingering pockets of fatty tissue. Patients who have seen great success with truSculpt have treated their:

  • Thighs
  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Sides/love handles


…so where would you like to try truSculpt? Just let us know.

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