Palm Coast Laser Tattoo Removal

Your tattoo removal needs are unique – and your laser should suit that. At LSS Jacksonville, we believe that treatment should fit each patient’s personal preferences, skin, and tattoo type – so we offer an arsenal of lasers that makes that level of personalization possible. At your consultation, we’ll evaluate your tattoo, discuss your treatment goals, and recommend the best possible course of action.

Looking for Palm Coast laser tattoo removal? We’re just a short trip from your home, and one of the most advanced laser tattoo removal centers in northern Florida. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch online, or call us at (904) 273-5454. It’s high time you saw freedom from a bad tattoo.

Tattoo Removal Lasers at LSS Jacksonville

If you’ve heard about a laser tattoo removal technology, chances are that it’s available at our clinic. Depending on the size and color of your tattoo, as well as the ink depth, we may recommend multiple lasers be used in its removal. We’re proud to provide treatment with the following:

  • Enlighten – One of the newest picosecond technologies, Enlighten shatters ink particles to enable the clearing of even difficult-to-treat ink colors and large tattoos. The dual wavelengths make it possible to treat a wide variety of tattoos while cutting the total number of treatment sessions in half (when compared to a traditional Q-switched laser).
  • PicoSure – The world’s first picosecond laser, the PicoSure employs brief, powerful pulses that are particularly adept at treating lightly-colored inks (including teals, greens, and blues).
  • Q-Switched – Long the standard in laser tattoo removal, Q-switched lasers are still useful when handling dark, large tattoos.
  • Alex TriVantage – A dual-wavelength Q-switched laser, the Alex TriVantage treats a broad spectrum of tattoo inks.

Have questions about one of our tattoo removal lasers? Answers are a click away.

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