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How much time are you spending dealing with body hair? The answer might shock you. Tending to your underarms, legs, upper lip, and more takes up just minutes each day – but considering how those minutes adds up brings up larger concerns. Over a lifetime, traditional hair maintenance (shaving, waxing, or plucking), actually takes up months of your time.

What’s the alternative? Palm Coast laser hair removal will help you manage problem hair without the tedious daily work. After starting laser sessions, you’ll see your hair growing sparser right away – with the results improving as you continue treatments. The end result? A drastic reduction in body hair, which will change your removal habits completely.

While the Palm Coast area is a bit of a drive from our clinic, a few things make the trip worth the effort. When pursuing laser hair removal, it’s crucial that you take a few things under consideration: the provider’s expertise, and the laser’s capabilities. Not only is Dr. Lezaic one of the most qualified laser skin care professionals in the area (so much so that she educates other skin care providers on proper laser techniques), our hair removal lasers are the most advanced on the market. These factors combined mean that you won’t need to worry about burns, ineffective treatment, or significant discomfort during your sessions – and that merits the trip to LSS Jacksonville.

Ready to learn more? Get in touch and we’ll schedule your consultation! If you’re far from our facility, we will also do our best to answer questions via phone and email to save you a trip.

How Much Time Do I Spend Removing Problem Hair?

A 2008 survey tackled this question. Removal of body hair is an incredibly common practice, worldwide. On average, American women who shave (probably the least expensive way to remove hair) will still spend more than $10,000 and about two months on the habit in total. Waxing instead? You’ll spend even more – over $23,000. These days, more than 60% of American men also regularly remove hair, meaning they’re also prey to this significant spending.

While laser hair removal sessions are an investment, they’re one that will pay off. Once your sessions are complete and you’re satisfied with your results, you’re done – the hair will not regrow. Start lasering, and start saving: not just money, but also time, energy, and effort. Plus, when your body hair is less prominent, you’ll be all the more confident – no matter the setting.

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