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Sound familiar? If you feel like your sweating is out of control, it’s time to regain authority over your body. Antiperspirants don’t always cut it – if you truly have a problem with ongoing sweat, then even medicated deodorants/antiperspirants may not have the effects that you’re looking for. At that point, it’s best to take another form of action, and focus on the problem’s source.

Our Orange Park hyperhidrosis treatment destroys a percentage of your underarm sweat glands, leaving you comfortable and dry. When you feel like other forms of treatment have failed you, we’re here to help. Don’t put up with another day of unwanted sweat and anxiety – read on to discover miraDry treatment.

Unsure whether your sweating is excessive?

Take our hyperhidrosis quiz below.

  • Are you sweating in controlled-temperature environments?
  • Are you sweating even in calm moments when you aren’t experiencing anxiety?
  • Are you finding yourself having to constantly buy new shirts because of sweat stains?
  • Are you uncomfortable with the amount that you sweat?
  • Do you stress about hiding your underarms so that your sweat levels aren’t noticed?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you’re likely dealing with excessive sweating. No matter the cause of the sweating, there’s a solution ahead with miraDry. Our Orange Park-adjacent clinic is one of the only ones in the Northern Florida area to offer this new method.

Why is miraDry the right sweat and odor treatment for me?

miraDry is so exciting because it is a permanent sweat solution. While other forms of treatment (like medical antiperspirants or Botox) need to be readministered over time, miraDry requires just two treatment sessions. It’s non-invasive and accompanied by brief to no downtime, leaving you able to get back to daily life. Far simpler than surgical sweat gland removal, miraDry achieves similar results, destroying up to 82% of your sweat glands.

We encourage you to browse our website and learn more about miraDry. When you’re ready for a consultation, simply contact us at (904) 273-5454.

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