Minimize the Look of Wrinkles with BOTOX in Jacksonville


Our Florida sun brings us warmth, but it also wreaks havoc on our facial skin. Combined with other environmental factors and a decrease in the amount of collagen in the skin, this results in fine wrinkles, crow’s feet, and lines around the mouth, eyes, and on the forehead. If this sounds like you, don’t fret. We often suggest BOTOX® treatments for our Jacksonville clients who come to us with concerns about age-related wrinkling. The reason BOTOX® is so popular is simple. It’s non-surgical, convenient, and is suitable for all skin types. If you haven’t yet considered BOTOX® as a means to smooth away facial lines, discover why it’s such a popular cosmetic treatment.

About Dynamic Wrinkles

These are the fine lines that appear when the facial muscles contract. The skin is pulled or relaxed when we smile or frown, and this is what creates our expressions. Unfortunately, this skin pulling and relaxing causes lines to form near the corners of the mouth and elsewhere. We suddenly look much older than we really are as a result.

These lines are called dynamic wrinkles because they form when movement of the skin occurs. They aren’t yet permanently set, so their appearance can be minimized by restricting the degree to which the muscles can contract. This is where BOTOX® enters the picture.

How It Works

BOTOX® is designed to interfere with nerve signal transmission. Even though the brain tells the muscles to contract, the muscles cannot fully do so. This doesn’t mean that you can no long smile or frown. The BOTOX® fluid is injected into carefully chosen muscle tissues that lie near the surface of the skin. After your treatment, you can still pout, pucker your lips, and narrow your eyes.

The Procedure

We won’t suggest BOTOX® as a treatment for dynamic wrinkles until after we have examined the facial features closely. We may ask you to make some frowning and pouting expressions so that we can see exactly where the wrinkles form and how severe they are. This allows us to accurately pinpoint the suitable injection sites and determine how much of the fluid to use.

The injection procedure is simple and is performed in the comfort of our office in Jacksonville Beach. Many of our clients think of BOTOX® injections as a regular part of their skin care routine. This isn’t a permanent solution, but it works nicely as a stop-gap for those who aren’t yet ready for something more aggressive such as a facelift.

Talk To Us About BOTOX®

At Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville, we have the answers you seek. If you’re ready to say goodbye to those annoying smile lines and crow’s feet, BOTOX® may be the ideal cosmetic treatment option. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Jacksonville Beach!

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