Preparing Your Skin For The Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, your stress level is probably already beginning to rise. These upcoming months present a truly unfortunate combination of high anxiety, a packed schedule, and a need to look your best for events. How can you find time to gussy up while accomplishing all the extra work and preparation? With the lack of “me time” and the addition of stress, your skin is prone to a special kind of suffering. Don’t allow the holidays to have you looking anything less than glowing. Engaging in skin treatments before the winter months kick in will have your facial skin refreshed and allow you to focus your energy elsewhere – all while looking truly spectacular.

Winter Skin Treatments

While we’ve mentioned the extra stress and lack of time for personal care, the colder weather during the holidays does even more damage to your skin. Take a preventive approach by getting your skin care in before the holiday crush. Our Jacksonville Beach clinic offers a number of treatments that will leave your face rejuvenated for weeks to come.

  • Facial Peels – We offer four different facial peels, some of which are customizable to match your skin type. Their intensities and effects vary to align with the results you’ve envisioned. Choose from a Triplex, Illuminize, Vitalize, or Rejuvenize peel – right for oily skin, gentle skin renewal, acne, and anti-aging treatment, respectively.
  • IPL Treatments – The comfortable, low-level laser treatment reduces signs of damage by age or sun for gently renewed skin.
  • Laser Genesis – This laser procedure warms and relaxes as it reduces wrinkles, large pores, and uneven skin texture or tone.
  • Botox – Botox tames lines across the forehead and around the eyes so that you can put your best face forward.
  • Dermal Fillers – Fillers add volume to the lower half of the face. They ease laugh lines, plump the lips, and make your cheeks look more youthful.

A Low-Stress Holiday Season

Looking your best will help you feel wonderful throughout the busy winter months. Contact our Jacksonville Beach clinic to learn more about your skin care options.

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