Facial Treatments Fight the Winter Blues

It’s finally March! Warmer weather and outdoor activities are on their way back into our lives. Are you and your skin prepared? It’s common to look and feel a bit dehydrated and tired after the winter months. Fortunately, quick aesthetic fixes are always available. Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville offers simple treatments that will make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Read on for some treatment options and tips on rounding out your own skin care.

Checking in with Your Skin Care: What’s Missing?

If you’ve never had a facial or a cosmetic injection, Dr. Lezaic would love to discuss your personal skin care needs. After a skin care consultation, we’ll be able to recommend the facial, chemical peel, or injection that’s perfect for you. Since our spa menu is extensive, there’s an option for every individual and skin type. If you’re seeking something specific, we’ll find the treatment option that corresponds.

We all do our best to provide great home care for our skin. But there are professional tools and techniques that home care can’t hope to match. Occasional facials, peels, or injections will supplement your home skin care and lead to truly glowing skin. We’ll recommend the appropriate interval of office visits to maintain a beautiful, youthful appearance.

Jacksonville Beach Skin Care Spa

Our spa’s facial menu offers something for everyone. Browse the menu to get an idea of what sounds best for your skin, then give us a call to get a professional recommendation. Once we have an idea of your starting point, Dr. Lezaic will be able to target the appropriate facial or peel. Your time in our spa will leave you feeling emotionally and physically renewed.

What’s the difference between a peel and a facial?

Facials combine different forms of cleansing and exfoliation, and may involve additional steps (like extractions). They remove dead skin cells and moisturize your face and neck. Peels are more intense, as they delve below the most superficial layer of skin. A chemical peel’s goal is to remove a certain layer of skin (the depth of the peel differs, depending on its chemical composition) and reveal the fresh, healthy skin beneath.

Cosmetic Injections for Tired Skin

Cosmetic injections provide similar results to facials and peels, but target facial lines. Botox and dermal fillers employ different techniques to smooth lines and ensure a confident, youthful appearance. Dr. Lezaic, an instructor for the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics, is an expert injector and will create predictable, subtle smoothing effects.

  • Botox – You’ve heard of Botox, but are you aware of exactly how it works? This medication breaks the communication chain between your nerves and muscles, resulting in halted muscle contractions. Botox is administered at target muscles in the forehead and around the eyes, leading to calmer muscles in those areas. Lack of contractions allows the skin over those muscles to remain relaxed, and the lines across it to heal and disappear. Botox is ideal for vertical and horizontal forehead lines, as well as crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes.
  • Dermal Fillers – Fillers supply the skin with the hydrating substances that it loses over time. This increases volume in the cheeks and lips, and smoothes deep lines around the mouth and nose. Dermal fillers can transform the lower half of the face, and have remarkably rejuvenating effects on the skin.

Interested in a pick-me-up to get you ready for the spring? Set aside one hour from your work week and pamper your skin. You’ll be thrilled with the results, and find a moment to relax in the process. Schedule today!

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