Can You Get Laser Hair Removal With Sensitive Skin?

You may have been thinking about laser hair removal for some time, imagining how much easier your life would be without having to shave or wax so often. You may have even done the math and found out that laser hair removal is more cost-effective than waxing or shaving. But if you have sensitive skin, you may also be worried that laser hair removal will irritate your skin and cause more problems than it would solve. Can you get laser hair removal at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville if you have sensitive skin?

Shaving and Waxing Causes Irritation

People who have sensitive skin often experience irritation when they shave or wax. Shaving and waxing removes the hair, but it also interacts with all of the skin in the area, too. Shaving scrapes a blade across the skin and waxing pulls at the skin to get the hair out by the root. If your skin is sensitive, these actions can cause a lot of pain and irritation. Sensitive skin is already vulnerable, and shaving and waxing just makes it worse.

This treatment is different, though. Instead of dealing with all of the skin in the area to get at the hair, laser hair removal focuses on the hair being removed. That minimizes interaction with the skin, so it is less likely to get irritated. In addition, this treatment is a non-invasive method of hair removal. That means people with sensitive skin are less likely to get irritation from the process.

Laser Hair Removal Is a Long-Term Solution

Another benefit to your skin is that laser hair removal doesn’t have to be repeated nearly as often as shaving and waxing. So if you do have some irritation, your skin will have more time between sessions to recover. This helps protect your skin and keep you healthy. It also gives you time to understand how your skin reacts to laser hair removal so you can prepare for your next session.

You don’t have to struggle through waxing and shaving to get smooth, beautiful skin just because your skin is sensitive. Even with sensitive skin, you can use laser hair removal to remove hair and protect your skin’s health and beauty. If you have concerns about this treatment with sensitive skin, you don’t have to keep wondering. Instead, call our experts at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville in Jacksonville Beach, Florida to get answers to your questions and schedule an appointment today!

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