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Weight loss is a long (and often frustrating) process. After you’ve been exercising and eating well consistently, you’ll see some results. But fat loss isn’t as predictable as we’d like it to be. While you may see overall weight loss and a change in your shape, stubborn areas might refuse to slim down.

Fat cells cling to problem spots like the abdomen, thighs, and hips – and sometimes, no amount of dieting or exercise will end up making a difference. You’ve already worked so hard to get in shape – you should be able to gain the shape you had in mind. Atlantic Beach truSculpt will help you get there.

How truSculpt Fat Removal Works

When you read the phrase “fat removal,” the first thing that comes to mind is probably liposuction. While liposuction is effective, it’s also surgical, and demands a higher level of patient commitment. What about an answer for patients hoping for gentle fat reduction without invasive treatment?

truSculpt takes a different approach. By heating fat cells from outside the skin, treatment reduces problem areas without requiring incisions or significant downtime.

Fat cells have a lower melting point than other cells. With consistent, uniform heat, truSculpt eliminates those unwanted cells while leaving the rest of your skin unaffected. The end result? Loss of fat from target areas, with results taking hold in the 4-6 weeks after treatment (they’ll also continue to improve after that window). The stubborn areas driving you crazy will finally slim down, leaving you in the shape you’ve been imagining.

The Ideal truSculpt Candidate

If you are at or near your target weight, and hoping to remove fat from specific spots, then you’re probably a truSculpt candidate. This treatment isn’t exclusive or tough to qualify for; plus, the truSculpt handpiece doesn’t require the fatty area to be pinched or pulled away from the body (unlike some other fat reduction treatments).

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