Why You Should Consider Laser Skin Treatment

Laser therapy rejuvenates the skin better than any other form of skin treatment. During the procedure, laser beams gently ablate or vaporize the skin tissues to treat various skin conditions. There is no surgical procedure needed. There are multiple techniques for varying skin problems. Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville uses some of the best non-surgical laser skin treatment options.

Permanent Results

Laser skin treatment offers long-lasting results. You do not have to worry about a tattoo resurfacing after it is removed, nor do you have to worry about hair growth after laser hair removal. Once treated, you rarely have to spend time and money dealing with the same problem.

Collagen Production and Better Skin

Laser skin treatment activates collagen production. Laser heat targets the underlying skin tissues, while the surface of the skin remains intact. The results are instantaneous, and it takes a few hours to heal after the treatment. You end up with smooth skin texture, tightened tissues and a brighter complexion. The collagen produced gives the skin a healthy feel and look long after the treatment.

The sun or wind makes the skin dull, but laser therapy can restore a more youthful and glowing complexion. Laser skin resurfacing helps minimize hyperpigmentation by generating a more even complexion. It eliminates dark age spots, spider veins, and birthmarks.


Laser therapy is safe, but only if administered by certified professionals. Our team of professional doctors and nurses are dedicated to providing the best laser skin treatments. CO2 and iPixel erbium laser therapies are effective for treating facial imperfections and flaws. These lasers can remove the top layer of your skin, hence reducing the size or eliminating the holes and wounds from scars. Several treatments may be required, but the therapy generally produces smooth, even skin texture for common scars. AFT- IPL laser treatment takes about 30 minutes. It is commonly used for face treatments but is also safe for the chest, neck, and hand.

One of its important features of laser treatment is its low cost. Patients get a one-time treatment and pay an affordable amount. Laser skin treatment is also widely available and offers treatment for many skin imperfections. At Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville, you get all kinds of laser skin treatments offered by professionals at affordable costs. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation and find out how laser skin treatments can work for you! We are conveniently located in Jacksonville Beach, FL.

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