What You Need to Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal 

The options for removing unwanted hair are vast, but not many offer a long-term solution. In addition, almost all popular hair removal methods come with serious drawbacks, only for you to turn around and do it all over again.

Laser hair removal at Laser Skin Solutions in Jacksonville, FL, incorporates the latest technology to provide fast and effective hair removal. Our goal is for our laser hair removal patients to quickly resume their smooth, stubble-free lives. 

There are many benefits to laser hair removal beyond freedom from waxing, shaving, and plucking. Read on to learn more about laser hair removal treatments at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville. 

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal works as the laser seeks out the pigment in your skin. Typically, the pigment lies at the base of your hair follicle. Once the laser identifies the pigment, it converts the light energy to heat, damaging the root and hair follicles. The laser’s damage weakens and delays future hair growth or stops it altogether. 

Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville invests in the most advanced lasers, the excelHR and the CoolGlide Laser, to offer you the most comfortable treatments that provide the best results. 

Timing and Preparation Provide the Best Results

While you could show up for your laser hair removal treatment unprepared, you’ll achieve the best results through timing and preparation. 

Time Your Treatments

Laser hair removal treatments work by seeking pigment in your skin. Therefore, it’s important to schedule your treatments for times when the other pigment in your skin is less prevalent. In other words, don’t schedule your laser hair removal treatments after a trip to the beach. 

Before your treatments, you should avoid sun exposure and self-tanning products. If you did get too much sun before your laser hair removal treatment, it’s best to reschedule. Otherwise, your skin may absorb the energy from the laser in addition to your hair follicles.

Prepare Your Hair 

All hair follicles follow a three-part growth cycle: growing, shedding, and resting. Hair that’s recently shed, or removed from the root, will not react to a laser. For the laser to target and damage your hair follicle effectively, your hair needs to be in a growth phase. 

To optimize the number of hair follicles in a growth phase, we advise you to stop waxing and plucking six weeks before laser hair removal treatments. 

Shave Before Your Treatment

It’s important to shave the hair in your treatment area 24 hours before your hair removal. Shaving allows the laser to locate the hair follicles. 

We advise against shaving right before your treatment, as razors may lift the top layer of skin, making it more fragile. Allowing a little time to pass between shaving and treating the skin allows your body to restore your skin’s protective layer.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Will I Need?

Since laser hair removal only works on hairs in their growth phase, you’ll need several treatments to target your follicles at the right time. At Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville, we space our treatments about six weeks apart so we can target hair in a growth cycle. 

However, since different hair follicles grow at different rates, the time between hair removal sessions may vary. For example, facial hair grows considerably faster than leg hair.

Most patients need six to nine treatments to see optimal benefits from their laser hair removal treatments. The lasers destroy some hair follicles, while others are damaged, shrinking in size and only producing slow-growing, lighter, more delicate hairs.

Patients often see noticeable reductions in hair growth after each session, with their regrowth presenting between 10–25% less hair from each treatment. After about eight treatments, most patients will only see a few fine hairs occasionally appearing in the treated areas. 

Your laser hair removal treatments result in long-lasting results. You can maintain your smooth skin through occasional touch-up treatments. Since damaged hair follicles eventually regenerate over time, touch-ups optimize your results. 

What Are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal allows you to live stubble-free, which is often beneficial enough for patients who want to throw away their razors, waxes, and creams. However, there are further benefits, including:

Permanent Reduction in Hair Growth

Laser hair removal results vary, but patients consistently report a 75–90% permanent reduction in hair growth. We recommend that patients schedule one to two touch-up sessions yearly to maintain these results.


If hair-free is your preference, then the cost of razors, waxing, creams, and other hair removal treatments quickly adds up. However, laser hair removal treatments ultimately save you both the time and money you would otherwise spend on hair removal. 

Fast Sessions

Depending on your treatment area, your session could be as short as three minutes (for an upper lip). However, even treatments for larger areas, such as full legs, generally take less than an hour. 

Since Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville uses the most advanced lasers on the market, our treatments are quick, comfortable, and become shorter in duration as your hair stops growing. 

Fewer In-Grown Hairs

One of the biggest surprises patients find from their laser hair removal treatments is relief from ingrown hairs or “razor bumps.” As we damage and destroy the hair follicles, irritation and trapped hairs become a problem of the past. 

Learn More About Laser Hair Removal with Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville

Laser hair removal is a proven and effective way to keep your skin smooth and stubble-free. By choosing Laser Skin Solutions in Jacksonville, FL, for your laser hair removal treatments, you’ll ensure you get the most out of your sessions through our advanced lasers and the expertise of Dr. Lezaic. So schedule your first treatment today!


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