What Are the Benefits of Ultherapy?

With time, skin loses its natural bounce and elasticity. This leads to sagging and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But before you think the only fix is a surgical facelift, we urge you to think again. Ultherapy is a non-invasive technique that can undo the hands of time, and the staff at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville in Jacksonville Beach, FL, can safely and effectively administer this therapy.

The Ultherapy Technique

Most people – even those who have devoted their entire lives to health and fitness – develop a pad of fat under their chins. The same is true of wrinkles on the neck, which resist even the most stringent weight management regimens. Décolleté wrinkles? Ditto. They are caused by time and genetics and cannot be smoothed away with exercise.

Into this foray comes Ultherapy, a technology based on the same premise as ultrasound imaging: sound wave energy. This energy is used to penetrate muscle layers that lie well beneath the skin. As the muscles in the treatment area receive Ultherapy energy waves, they respond by shrinking and contracting. The result is a mini skin-lift; a smoother, more contoured, and firmer appearance.

What to Expect

We first cleanse the area to be treated and eliminate any makeup, oils, or lotions that might leave a residue. Then ultrasound gel is applied to facilitate motion with the treatment wand.

During treatment, we pass over the area using precise pressure that allows us to maintain correct wave penetration depth. Deeper penetration yields more muscle contractions, which is suitable for areas with more relaxed skin.

We also move the wand in specific patterns that follow muscle contours. Common treatment areas include the neck, jawline, chest, and brows.

After Treatment

Treatment sessions can last between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the area of treatment. You’ll be able to immediately resume your daily activities after therapy, and you can expect to see results within a few months.

This is perfectly natural, as your body’s collagen production gradually increases in response to completed treatment.

Benefits of Therapy

Because this is not a surgery that requires incisions, you’ll have no downtime or need to rest. This means you can resume your routine without worrying about healing or recovery.

Ultherapy complements, rather than alters, your body’s natural appearance. Unlike a surgical facelift, we work to contour your skin and muscles from an external perspective.

This gives subtle, natural-looking results without any indication of therapy. In addition, the results are gradual so that your skin improves over time, instead of all at once.

Fewer Sessions

Most patients only need one treatment session to gain results. Other common therapies, especially those used to sculpt specific body areas, require multiple treatments. Less time spent in our office means more time to enjoy life.


As the only therapy approved by the FDA for improving loose skin, lines, and wrinkles, you can be assured of its safety. Patients are never subjected to dangerous or toxic substances, and you’re not at risk for developing infections or other complications associated with surgery and incisions.

As an added bonus, you can leave our office immediately after treatment without going into recovery or taking time off from work or your normal schedule.


A growing movement in medicine is to provide personalized treatments rather than the standard one-size-fits-all approach.

We can customize this therapy thanks to the use of ultrasound imaging, which delivers a visual of those tissue layers beneath the skin. In turn, we precisely deliver the sound waves to target those areas where you want the greatest improvement.


No side effects, little to no discomfort, and rapid treatment times all equate to convenience. We understand the need to keep pace with all of your obligations, and taking time for a lengthy treatment and/or recovery period isn’t always possible.

With Ultherapy, this is off the table entirely because the therapy is essentially quick and easy.

Improved Skin

This therapy stimulates your body’s collagen production process. Collagen is a protein, and one of its most crucial functions is to provide structure for components like the bones and skin.

Aging naturally slows collagen production, which helps explain why skin loses its elasticity and plumpness. But Ultherapy can pause this process as it prompts collagen production. This means a total improvement in your skin’s structure for the time that treatment results last.

Rapid Results

Results are gradual, but you can see improvement relatively quickly after treatment. This is especially true of sagging skin, such as in the jowls, and deep wrinkles in the cleavage area.

Compatible With Other treatments

A tight jawline is an enviable sign of youth. To further define this area, you can follow Ultherapy with another therapy, such as skin tightening. Similarly, other areas can be treated with additional therapies to achieve the firm, glowing appearance you desire.

Long-Term Improvements

Deep penetration yields the aesthetic improvements associated with this therapy. By going below the skin’s surface, we get better results that are also long-lasting. Most patients enjoy their results for at least a year, with many seeing improvements for up to two years.

Benefits of Tighter Skin

The ultimate goal of this therapy is to tighten skin. By stimulating muscle activity, you gain a firmer appearance that eliminates excess padding, some wrinkles, and a general appearance of sagging.

But what is it about firmer skin that makes us pursue it? The first answer is a better definition. When skin is contoured more closely to bone structure, your facial structure becomes more prominent.

This can draw attention to your best features; maybe you have bright eyes, high cheekbones, or full lips. The point is that by eliminating skin flaws, your face becomes more animated.

Greater Skin Health

We talked briefly about the positive impacts of collagen on the skin, but this topic deserves a second glance. Firm skin is healthy skin both inherently and because it’s easier to take care of.

Collagen stimulates skin renewal, and as dead layers are sloughed away, you see a plumper completion. Your skincare products can also penetrate more easily. This means the creams and serums you’ve so diligently purchased can begin to take effect, thereby helping to soothe dry skin and/or brighten your complexion.

Improved Confidence

Feeling satisfied with your appearance is an important aspect of self-image. When you look in the mirror and like what you see, you instantly feel more confident. This can flow into all parts of your life, including your professional career, social relationships, and even family interactions.

Being confident helps you stay steady when times are tough and encourages you to make healthier decisions. It also allows you to view yourself in a positive manner.

More Youthful Appearance

Having firmer skin will give you a more youthful appearance. Aging is not in and of itself problematic. Rather, youth is associated with a sense of energy and capability. When you look younger, you naturally appear more vibrant as well.

This beckons people to you, as positive energy is a natural magnet. But there’s another factor at play, and it is this: we’ve discovered that generations today look younger for longer when compared to previous generations.

This means we are surrounded by others who naturally look more youthful, which scientists attribute to things like healthier eating habits, the ability to buy sophisticated skincare products, and jobs that no longer involve hard labor.

The Youth Factor

Being around others who look younger naturally ignites your own desire to put your best foot forward. This causes a trickle effect wherein we as a society have eschewed the idea that aging is inevitable.

Today, having a more youthful appearance is part of simply caring for yourself and your body. Maintaining a youthful air means something different to everyone, but if you feel good about yourself, you’re more likely to actively engage in life, regardless of your age.

Dissatisfaction with your appearance can similarly cause you to retreat, either because you’re afraid of what others will think or you simply lack confidence.

Treat Yourself

Doing something kind for yourself – which is something we tend to forget to do as we grow older – is associated with an uptick in happiness and added health benefits. You’ll feel less compelled to eat in response to stress, feel motivated to engage in physical activity, and even have more patience with others.

Treating yourself can also help you stick to your goals. We’ll discuss this further in just a moment, but sticking to a weight management program, for instance, can boost your success with Ultherapy. So you see how caring for your appearance is tied to other and equally beneficial outcomes.

Ideal Candidates

During your consultation, we’ll review key pieces of information that will help us determine if this therapy is a good fit for you. One of the questions we’ll ask concerns your commitment to keeping skin healthy. This means avoiding excessive sun exposure, eating healthy to nourish your skin from within, and sticking to a beneficial skincare regimen.

We’ll also look at you as a whole person rather than a specific area of your body that needs treatment. It’s important to ensure your weight is both stable and healthy; significant weight loss or gain can impact the results of your therapy and take away from its benefits.

To be considered, you should also have:

  • An understanding of what goes into proper skincare
  • Skin that is relatively free of sun damage
  • A desire to improve your appearance without surgery


Reasonable Expectations

It’s important to go into therapy with reasonable expectations. This is not a weight-loss tool but is instead intended to give you a more refined appearance. If you align your goals with this therapy, you’re sure to feel satisfied with the results.


This therapy is appropriate for a variety of ages. Younger patients tend to use it as a preventative measure to combat the appearance of fine lines and padded chins. Older patients use it to treat these conditions and boost their confidence. It is therefore a therapy that anyone from age 20 to 60 and beyond can enjoy.

In speaking of age, we’d also like to note that men and women both now pursue the benefits of cosmetic therapies. We welcome all patients and certainly understand the need to feel happy with your appearance.

Right for You

When you imagine your skin 10, 20, or even 30 years ago, you probably see it as dewy, plump, and firm. No longer do you have to believe these attributes are gone with time. Even better, no longer do you have to think that surgery is your only option if you want to improve your appearance.

Ultherapy mimics the effects of a facelift without the risks of surgery. Call the office of Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville in Jacksonville Beach, FL, today and schedule your consultation. A more youthful appearance is just around the corner.

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