Ultherapy for Non-Surgical Face Lift in Jacksonville, FL

Even though you can do quite a bit to protect your youthful appearance, practically everyone will struggle with the visible signs of aging at some point. Over the years, everything from environmental toxins to harsh beauty products will damage your skin and create blemishes such as fine lines and wrinkles. Ultherapy facelifts are a popular treatment that improves the appearance of your skin by stimulating your body’s natural healing process. Call us today to learn more about Ultherapy in Jacksonville!

It’s a natural facelift that can be performed without surgery. You should notice changes to your skin within just a few months of your first appointment, and the results can easily be preserved with regular follow-up treatments.

Where Did My Wrinkles Come From?

Many different elements contribute to the appearance of your skin, but most experts believe that sun damage is the biggest factor. That is why so many people develop fine lines and wrinkles on their hands, chest, and face. Protecting your skin with clothing and sunblock might keep those blemishes at bay for quite a few years. You can also preserve the appearance of your skin by sticking to a healthy diet and staying hydrated. Unfortunately, there will most likely come the point when those tactics no longer work.

Around the age of 30, your body’s store of collagen will drop by one percent every year. Collagen is a natural protein that protects the outer layers of your epidermis and keeps your skin firm. As the collagen disappears, your skin is going to lose its elasticity. The primary goal of Ultherapy is to trigger your body’s natural healing response so that your skin is flooded with collagen and will lift organically.

Ultherapy Technology

After years of exhaustive research, doctors discovered that ultrasonic waves could be used for much more than imaging. When the waves are set to a certain frequency, they will penetrate deep into the soft tissue just below your skin. Your body is then stimulated to produce additional collagen and elastin. In the months following the treatment, your skin becomes healthier and more toned. This non-surgical facelift requires minimal downtime, allowing you to get back to your life as quickly as possible. Other cosmetic treatments can produce similar results, but many of them also have quite a few unwanted side effects.

Benefits of Ultherapy

There are many different reasons why patients are now choosing Ultherapy facelifts over surgical lifts, tucks, and injections. While those treatments are very effective, they might also be hard on your body. Even injectables can create an unnatural appearance, and the results rarely last for more than six months.

Ultherapy treatments are going to naturally enhance your beauty and take years off your appearance. It is an excellent treatment option for patients who would like to lift sagging skin, along with erasing lines and wrinkles without undergoing an invasive procedure. It can also be combined with other minimally invasive treatments to address issues such as fat under the chin, frown lines, and sagging jowls.

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