St. Augustine truSculpt

St. Augustine truSculpt

Fed up with flabby arms? Try truSculpt for non-invasive fat reduction

Fat removal is a choice that patients make after they’ve exhausted natural options. While dieting and exercise are stellar for your health and well-being, they’re not necessarily precise in their results. More often than not, we end up with problem areas that just don’t look like we’ve imagined.

Problem is, some fat removal options just don’t allow for a variety of problem areas. That’s where St. Augustine truSculpt stands out from the pack. This gentle heating of fatty tissue leads to consistent, predictable fat loss and a slimmer, tighter shape. Below, we detail the ideal treatment areas, and tell you more about what to expect from non-invasive fat removal.

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Best truSculpt Treatment Areas

“Which problem areas are right for truSculpt?” is a little bit of a trick question. Truth is, truSculpt is safe and versatile enough to use anywhere on the body. Of course, some fatty spots respond better than others. Patients see the best possible results when receiving truSculpt on the:

  • Abdomen – No matter how many crunches you do, pockets of fat love to linger on the stomach (a particularly tough spot to lose weight from, if you’re a woman). truSculpt allows patients to tailor their tummies and get comfortable donning a two-piece again.
  • Buttocks and thighs – Cellulite tends to set up camp on the upper thighs and buttocks, marring smooth skin and sapping confidence. truSculpt is an ideal cellulite treatment because it not only removes fatty tissue, but also tightens the skin. This leads to fat loss without sagging skin as an unwanted side effect.
  • Arms – More so than most body areas on this list, the arms are highly visible. They’re also prone to flabbiness, even after long-term workouts and upper body exercise. The truSculpt handpiece sits comfortably on the upper arms, eliminating problem areas and accomplishing overall tightening.
  • Sides/love handles – Feel like your shirts don’t rest properly at your hips, or that dresses and skirts show off unwanted areas? truSculpt will help you achieve confident slimness through your torso.
  • Upper back – No more trying to hide your back or the bulge around your bra strap. Fat removal will slim target spots for a tailored shape.

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