Refresh Your Look with Laser Skin Care

laser skin care

Many people pay little attention to how remarkable our skin really is. Aside from its role as the largest organ of our bodies, our skin helps guard internal organs and governs other vital functions that we often do not recognize. Since it is also an interface with the outer environment, our skin has an extremely important function in the protection from germs and the loss of moisture. As we grow older, our bodies undergo a physiological change that reduces the manufacture of collagen inside of the skin tissue. The cellular turnover rate is also slowed down, which exposes older-looking skin. Volume, water loss, and elasticity are conditions that expose signs of aging like discoloration, sagging, and intense dehydration. Thankfully, laser skin care exists.

Anti-Aging Laser Skin Care Treatments

Lasers are medical tools that can harness the energy of light to make a positive change inside of our skin and help minimize and reverse the signs of aging. Targeted laser energy is emitted in a frequency of purified light that allows us to select the right laser for a certain purpose to treat many skin conditions.

The incredible precision of target specificity means that you will experience fewer complications and less downtime or risk. When we direct a particular light frequency at a skin tissue target, the energy is absorbed by the melanin or pigment inside of that skin tissue.

In the case of pigmented skin lesions, melanin absorbs the energy from the laser and gradually breaks up and disintegrates within a few days. After that, it fades in the following weeks and months.

In the case of broken capillaries and spider veins, hemoglobin absorbs laser energy, and the unwanted vein collapses and is destroyed. Within weeks of the treatment, the body will break down and metabolize any remaining parts of the destroyed vein.

Procedure and Results

Laser skin care procedures are performed in the comfort of our office. The results vary from patient to patient, but most people notice positive changes. Follow-up treatments may be needed in order to maintain your results, particularly if you do not take care to avoid exposure to sunlight or maintain a proper skin care regimen.

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