Popular Reasons to Consider Tattoo Removal

tattoo removal

Tattoos have moved from the fringe to the mainstream in the last 50 years. Today, about 40 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 have one or more tattoos. Research has shown that many people consider tattoos to be creative, fashionable, interesting and cool. They get tattoos to feel unique, independent and draw attention to a particular experience or event. However, of the people who have a tattoo, about 40 percent regret their decision to get one. The reasons for tattoo regret and tattoo removal are many, but there are a few that are popular.

According to tattoo removal experts, there are four main reasons that people want their tattoo removed. The first reason is that the tattoo was done on a whim or because of peer pressure. The person may have wanted a tattoo to fit into a group, but do not really like the tattoo. It may be on the wrong part of their body. People with this type of tattoo regret want it off as soon as possible. Of these people, a failed relationship is the most common reason. The tattoo may be initials, a ring on their finger, a name or a symbol of a relationship that has ended.

Another reason people want to remove a tattoo is that they do not like it. They do not like the design, color or image and it is not up to their expectations. The artist may not have been capable of doing the quality of tattoo the person wanted. Whatever the reason, the person does not want to live with a tattoo he or she cannot stand to see every day.

Changes in a person’s lifestyle are also a popular reason for removing a tattoo. People may split with a partner, leave a group or gang and be looking for better job possibilities that their tattoo may inhibit. The tattoo may be off-color, offensive to some people or silly, and the person wants it removed and out of his or her life. If they want a better job, the may need to go back to school, upgrade their resume and change their image. Even though many people have a tattoo, there may still be a stigma associated to it in certain job markets. It is also very common for new brides and grooms to consider removing some or all of their tattoos.

Finally, a person may have old tattoos that do not fit with his or her new ink. Their old tattoos may have been trendy or cutting edge ten years ago, but just look dated and out of place today. The previous art may not be up to the standard of the new tattoos.

While more women than men opt for tattoo removal, tattoo regret is a common occurrence, whether people want to remove tattoos completely or want to remove old tattoos and get new, better ones. During a consultation with our medical professionals at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville, you can learn more about the options for removing your tattoo. At our office in Jacksonville Beach, we have a variety of lasers available for laser tattoo removal. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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