Not PicoSure? Let Us Enlighten You

Dr. Jill Lezaic and our team are always working to provide the best possible tattoo removal experience to patients across northern Florida. We stand out from the rest – and that’s why we’ve become known as one of the top tattoo removal providers in the area. What are we doing to stay on top of our competition? Offering treatment with a group of lasers that are unprecedented.

The newest tool in our arsenal is the Cutera Enlighten. This laser is more advanced than any other on the market, and it’s already making quite an impression (and clearing up inked skin nationwide).

Skin care technology is ever-advancing, and LSS Jacksonville keeps up with new releases. It’s our way of making sure patients are getting the best possible experience at our clinic. With the advent of Enlighten, tattoo removal becomes even more efficient (without sacrificing stellar results).

What Does Enlighten Mean for Laser Tattoo Removal?

The Enlighten laser offers dual wavelengths and pulse speeds, making it more effective for a variety of patient needs. Dr. Lezaic can set the laser to treat the appropriate spot size and ink color, minimizing even dark and large tattoos in a fraction of the time required by older lasers.

If you’re unhappy with a tattoo, you want to rid your skin of it as soon as possible. Our laser treatments help you achieve that goal – without making you uncomfortable along the way. If you’re interested in learning what laser tattoo removal could do for your unwanted ink, schedule a consultation. There will be no cost to you for this preliminary appointment, and it will give us a chance to estimate the number of treatments necessary to completely clear your skin.

Don’t put up with the remnants of a bad decision any longer – schedule today!

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