PicoSure: Acne Scar Treatment in Jacksonville

acne scar treatment

For those in the Jacksonville area suffering from acne scars, there is good news with improved laser treatments. PicoSure is the latest in laser therapy for the treatment of acne scars and it is Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved. PicoSure has shown to be highly effective for acne scar treatment, and it may be perfect for you.

Acne scars are caused by infected skin producing cysts and pustules. When the follicle becomes blocked with oil, bacteria and dead skin cells, a spot is formed and the skin becomes inflamed and swells up due to the increased internal pressure. The follicle wall eventually can rupture when the pressure becomes too great, damaging the skin. If the rupture takes place near the surface of the skin, the infection can drain away from the follicle and the skin repairs itself rapidly. When the follicle wall in deeper layers of the skin has broken, the infection will damage healthy cells.

The body’s natural reaction, when the skin is damaged, is to produce more collagen. Unfortunately, the body can produce too much collagen, which leads to the bumpy scars or too little, which produces depression scars.

PicoSure laser treatment gives a general rejuvenation to the skin, which removes a number of irregularities, such as hyperpigmentation, sun damage, acne scarring and even tattoos. The PicoSure laser technology uses what is called a photothermal process that creates areas of heat damage combined with photomechanical impact. These are ultrashort pulses that deliver a mechanical impact to the targeted area and removes damaged layers of the skin without harming the healthy skin. The light also promotes new skin cells in the underlying layers and helps activate the production of collagen, which will later expose younger-looking skin. With each acne scar treatment, layer-by-layer of damaged skin is removed, allowing the healthy skin below to be seen.

The main benefits of PicoSure acne scar treatment are:

• The appearance of scars and other marks are significantly reduced
• The texture of the skin is improved, providing a clear complexion
• Little to no recovery time after the treatment
• Quick treatments with quick results

In order to get the desired results from this acne scar treatment, you may require several sessions, but the total number of visits will be much fewer with the PicoSure treatment than with other laser treatments. When you have a consultation with our specialist at Lasker Skin Solutions Jacksonville in Jacksonville Beach, you can learn more about how PicoSure can treat your acne scars. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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