Personalized Acne Scar Treatment


Acne can take a devastating toll on your skin. It can leave you with blemishes and scars that are difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of through conventional means. Instead, you may have to consider various cosmetic remedies to ease the appearance of scars left behind by acne. Fortunately, we offer safe and effective acne scar treatment at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville that can be tailored for you.

A Look at Your Customized Acne Scar Treatment

Depending on how deep your scars are and what cosmetic goals you hope to realize, you may be a candidate for acne scar treatment via the PicoSure® laser. This treatment uses laser energy to gently break apart the pigmentation and tissue that makes up the scar. The result is smoother skin in the treated area with less visible scarring.

How Acne Scar Treatment is Performed

PicoSure® acne scar treatment is performed in the comfort of our office in Jacksonville Beach. During the treatment, the carefully controlled laser energy is directed at the area to be treated. Only minimal discomfort is involved, as most patients compare the feeling as a tingling sensation. Absolutely no downtime is involved after the treatment. As such, it is extremely convenient for people with busy schedules and lifestyles. This is also good news because a series of treatment sessions is usually required for optimal results.

Cosmetic Acne Scar Treatment Candidacy

This cosmetic treatment for acne scars is reserved for people who are healthy enough to go through the procedures. Although most people who are interested in it qualify for treatment, some people are better candidates than others. During a consultation with our specialist, you can see if you qualify for this acne scar treatment.

Severe acne leaves behind deep scars that can make you embarrassed about the way you look. You can regain your confidence in your appearance by going through personalized acne scar treatment at Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville. Our office is conveniently located in Jacksonville Beach and we happily serve clients in the Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for acne scar treatment!

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